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Learn as you Sing

Learning a Foreign Language is a huge obstacle. Why not have a place on the Internet where we can swop free MP3 music and learn a new foreign language with the lyrics explanation
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Learning a foreign language (such as Japanese, French, German, Italian) can be helped with music and songs of that foreign country.

Detailed explanations and meanings of the foreign language lyrics are explained in the own person's native language in the comfort of the person's own computer terminal.

What better way to learn a foreign language and to be able to sing and yet understand it?

likeaprayer999, Aug 21 2002


       I've always wondered how to say "Re-rewind, when the crowd say Bo Selecta" in German...
namaste, Aug 21 2002

       Re-rückspulen Sie, wenn die Masse Bo Selecta sagen.
angel, Aug 21 2002

       The raw material for learning German is there in the form of the English and German-laguage versions of Kraftwerk albums. That said, your conversation would be limited to talking about robots, motorways and counting to eight.
calum, Aug 21 2002

       A Swedish friend sent me ABBA in Swedish. I think you'd have similar problems as calum suggests: lots of conversations about dancing queens, continental military history and some lad with a Spanish name.
namaste, Aug 21 2002

       calum, there's always Rammstein. That gives you robots, motorways, counting to eight and hating people.
waugsqueke, Aug 21 2002


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