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Level Exchanger

Like an elevator, only more like a teeter-totter, but more like an amusement park ride.
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Before the Level Exchanger was installed at one of the major subway transfer points in my city, the daily commute was not filled with the same level of excitement. One could say, that we 'exchanged' a lower 'level' of excitement for a 'higher' one. So to speak. If you know what I mean.

If you don't, you probably would if you saw the new contraption. Because you can't, (as it doesn't actually exist and I'm just pretending it does as a 'platform' for explaining it), I'll describe it to you as I remember it. *wink*

Getting off the train I was dreading the inevitable climb up the stairs, bustling behind others' rear-ends at face level; dodging people travelling in the opposite direction; and jostling for a hand rail, just in case, some unfortunate commuter takes a spill and takes everyone else out behind him like dominoes. However, the stairs were replaced!

Replaced by a large platform that was quickly filling up with commuters. I followed them on, looking around quizically asking complete strangers obvious questions with a level of excitement that I have never experienced before. We stood there on the platform waiting, watching, whispering, wiggling - some of us were wiggling - and then when it seemed to have reached capacity, it ascended.

Ascended with such speed that someone near me said "whoa!", and not in a sarcastic way either, he was serious. And then it came to a soft and smooth stop, and we were all on the upper platform and the train was there, with doors open waiting for us. The next day I returned to the transfer point and stood on the platform again, and this time it went down. Going down on one side and up on the other when the trains arrive, to exchange passengers between levels.

schmendrick, Sep 16 2005

FarmerJohn: Lever Lift Lever_20Lift
Similar principle. [jutta, Jun 15 2008]


       so passengers who step on one side of the teeter-totter (going up) approximately counterbalance passengers on the other side of the teeter-totter (going down)?
xaviergisz, Sep 16 2005

       yeah, approximately.
schmendrick, Sep 16 2005

       cool, but not entirely practical as-is (eg there must be times of the day when more are going up than coming down). Maybe combine with the features of "Lever Lift" (the idea underneath yours). Afterthought: although maybe you could just have indicators showing where people should stand (the further out people stand, the greater the levering effect).
xaviergisz, Sep 16 2005

       yeah, it seems lever lift is a lot like this one... interesting
schmendrick, Sep 16 2005

       I vaguely remember that some elevator systems already do this.
FlyingToaster, Jun 15 2008


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