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Matte Spray for Suit Coats

This is what I get for being broke.
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Problem: My favorite black suit jacket, which is admittedly from the bargain-bin price range at Men's Wearhouse, is starting to develop shiny spots on the elbow (caused by the fabric being rubbed during use and stretched when bent).

Unfortunate corollary: This makes me look cheap. Er.

Solution: A self-contained matte spray, specially designed for fabrics (airbrush paint for fabrics is WKTE, but I'm not aware of any self-contained clearcoats), which would be applied by owners, and which would protect the wearer's ego by making the worn-ness of the suit less obvious.

shapu, Feb 18 2009


       Try a black permanent marker, makes it black and matte.
zeno, Feb 18 2009

       There used to be some scalp spray for balding men, to make things dark and unshiny.
baconbrain, Feb 18 2009

       I've used the black marker idea if I had a bleach spot on black clothing, but only a small spot.
xandram, Feb 18 2009

       Very fine sandpaper
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2009

       Are you sure the shiny spots aren't caused by ironing or improper laundering? That can cause the shiny-ness, too. A trick that works for ironing is to place a thin cloth between the iron and the article to be ironed, and as far as laundering, make sure, if you inisist on machine washing and drying, to always use the lowest temperature setting available. With suits, even cheap suits, dry-cleaning is almost always best. But I like it, and I give you full bunnage, because I do realize the cost of dry-cleaning can be prohibitively expensive. +++
21 Quest, Feb 18 2009


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