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Mechanic's Sweaty Cheating Samurai Headband

Swingarm has not far to go, Grasshopper.
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Certainly some of us mechanics amateur and professional alike can sometimes be forgetful. Like forgetting 8mm bolt torque spec, and the general spec for bolt stretch. And what does the industrious, accessory-obsessed technician really want more than his own samurai headband? One with all the knowledge thats been passed down from thy engineering forefathers.

Thats right! Enter the Mechanic's Sweaty Cheating Samurai Headband! Emblazened backwards on each headband is the sum of all basic knowledge for either a specific manufacturer or a specific model of motorcycle. Things such as general specifications, model year codes, or a reminder that a certain bolt has reverse threads.

Each head band comes with a complimentary samurai magnetic-backed mirror to be placed in the area in which you are working, so you need not avert your gaze very far to get the information you're looking for.

Machine washable and terrycloth-backed for excellent absorbancy and longevity, choose from Crouching Kawasaki Green, Hidden Honda Red, Samurai Suzuki Blue, or Tiger-form Yamaha Yellow.

Letsbuildafort, Feb 07 2006

Be a savvy tech with the whole line of Dirty Cheating products. Mechanic_27s_20Dirty_20Cheating_20Blanket
Mmmm - savvy! [Letsbuildafort, Feb 07 2006]


       Just look in the mirror on the bike [+]
normzone, Feb 07 2006

Letsbuildafort, Feb 07 2006

       Now, if only there was something of a Mechanic's Dirty Cheating Bla...   

       Damn you, [Lets], Monopolizing on the mechanics is your specialty!
daseva, Feb 07 2006

       I missed the last word when I was looking at the recent page. It's a good idea but I still feel a little disappointed
hidden truths, Feb 07 2006

       right hand drive anyone?
po, Feb 07 2006

       Another far too practical product!. Nice one.
gnomethang, Feb 07 2006

       If ride a Ducati, can I still have a samurai headband or do I have to settle for a silk necktie or something?
Pac-man, Feb 07 2006

       Well - Ducati would require a pinstripe suit, or a suave neckerchief. You know - like the ones the singing gondoleers of Venice wear.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 08 2006

       Ooooh, if I shell out the $32,000 for a 999R, it should come with a sweaty cheating armani suit.   

       Oh, and Buell's and Harley's come with a sweaty cheating redneck bandanna.   

       Shouldn't that be: Crouching Triumph Tiger?
Ling, Feb 08 2006

       Crouching Triumph Tiger indeed - you know how much those things weigh?
Letsbuildafort, Feb 08 2006

       Before or after the oil leak?
Ling, Feb 08 2006

       Good to see your Sweaty Cheating Self around here again [Lbaf]. Hai!
wagster, Feb 08 2006

       Moto Guzzi is my poison. I want a nice Italian leather jacket and boots.
normzone, Feb 08 2006

       Moto Guzzi I don't care for. I'll take an Aprillia, Bimota, or Ducati any day.   

       Of course, I own a Honda 929RR, but that won't stop me from dreaming, now will it?   

       I totally knew who's idea this was gonna be. Glad you finally posted it [lbaf]!
AfroAssault, Feb 11 2006

       And for the rider of the DDR-era MZ, a sweaty cheating mullet wig? The possibilities are endless
Azazello, Aug 20 2006

       A search for " motorcycle oil leak " led me here, and it seems as good a place as any.   

       I've had a chance to calm down now...perhaps some statistical analysis is appropriate.   

       I have owned two Moto Guzzis. Neither one leaked oil. Any other data points to be added?
normzone, Mar 11 2014

       //Neither one leaked oil. //   

       So, they were both 2-strokes ?
8th of 7, Mar 11 2014

       1972 Eldorado 850 and 1999 V11 Bassa. I did own an H2 (3 cylinder 2-stroke 750cc Kawasaki) for a brief time, but we never really bonded.   

       It didn't leak oil either, but you wouldn't have been able to tell because of the cloud of two-stroke smoke it concealed itself in when launching.   

       Only two ways to leave a stop light on that bike - wheelie or stall. I sold it and the "Crouching Kawasaki Green" headband for power tools, a bicycle and some cash.   

       Maybe I'm just fortunate. My bikes don't drip to mark their territories.   

       I hope that glove is on my doorstep when I get home tonight.
normzone, Mar 11 2014


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