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Megahumanoid Thrillride

Robots juggle humans. it's fun. like 'rock the baby'
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This is a ride where a bunch of people pack into sturdy orbs and get thrown around by big robots in elaborate and amazing arrangements. The robots would be very adaptable and safe, adhering to six sigma risk management routines.
daseva, Nov 12 2007

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       I suspect going out to six smegma would require never turning the ride on.   

       It might be amusing to be tossed in the air and dangled as parents do young children. Then again, it might not.
normzone, Nov 12 2007

       You can change the dynamics and maybe get the machines to play football with the capsule. In this case, you would need a highly shock absorbant capsule, with a Vhuman/Vcapsule very small and springs and stuff to keep the momentum of the human in smooth and dynamic equilibrium with any changes in the momentum of the entire capsule.
daseva, Nov 13 2007

       Rotation of the orbs would allow for artificial gravity within the orb, allowing your bum to remain firmly in its seat. Open the pod doors PAL!
4whom, Nov 13 2007


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