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Meta Art

Art + co-dependency
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Meta Art is art that exists only in the presence of other art.

Put some (to scale) bronze children on his back/shoulders of Rodin's "Thinker" and he's no longer a brooding contemplater, but an exasperated father.

Place a painted mannequin - complete with blue shirt, pale khakis, palette, and brush - in front of Rockwell's "Triple Self- Portrait".

During 4'33", the artist clears his throat at the 4'30" mark.

phoenix, Jun 09 2015

Bakedish http://thecreatorsp...he-fake-competition
I think, though I may have misunderstood the artist's intent [calum, Jun 09 2015]


       phoenix, THE PHOENIX? Wow, you do arise from ashes.   

       Okay, now to idea. I think I get it. Very interesting idea to ponder. And now I will.
blissmiss, Jun 09 2015

       It would be improved by taking existing arts and combining them in a contextually meaningful way to make one with added meaning, new and improved. Further, it shouldn’t even be necessary to actually do the combining in real space, simply suggest it, and the composited images will appear out of the ethernet. Most people’s actual experience of art is actually a picture of it, so who needs to create the real thing?
Ian Tindale, Jun 09 2015


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