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Metric Time

Why should time get off the hook?
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Metric this, metric that. Everything's going metric—except time. Without time, it's no good measuring anything, because either you never measure it, or you have always measured it. There's no suspense.

Besides, imagine how busy people would be, trying to keep track of a year divided into 1000 milliorbits, or whatever the heck that'd be. Hey, don't ask me—I haven't learned any of that metric stuff yet.

Ander, Nov 14 2000

xtime http://www.xtime.org
metric time free from colonial influences and slightly easier to calculate. (goofy page though) [tenhand, Nov 14 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) A Guide to Metric Time http://zapatopi.net/metrictime.html
A detailed discussion of base-10 horology, with examination of problems and how they might be overcome. Includes comments on the metric clock proposed in revolutionary France. [baf, Nov 14 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Decimal Time http://john.hynes.net/decimal/
[egnor, Nov 14 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Don't ask me to verify this, but I've heard that the metric system originally included new time units, which were quickly dropped because of the difficulty in getting people to use them. The basic unit was supposedly a metric hour lasting 1/10 of a day.
baf, Nov 14 2000

       Scooped by the Swatch people. Ooops, customer coming.   

       One of many places to find out more.   

AndyKnott, Nov 14 2000

       Could we have just 3 seasons: summer, holiday, and windy?
reensure, Nov 14 2000

       Florida only has two...10 months of summer, and two months of poor tanning.
StarChaser, Nov 15 2000

       California only has summer and winter.. the spring and fall get lost somewhere
batgirl, Nov 17 2000

       Solution for the non-decimal ratio of solar year to sidereal day: either slow earth's rotation to 1/100th of a revolution, speed it to 1/1000th, or adjust earth's orbit to set the revolution length accordingly. Sure, some minor climate change might result, but on the plus side we'd get either longer days or shorter nights...;-b
n-pearson, Jun 04 2003

       maybe in a perfect world...but here in the old U.S. of A. we havnt even asked companies to start the switch over to metric. time is a ways off.
DalaiLama, Jun 05 2003

       I don't care about the number of months in a year, but 1000 metric minutes in day would be convenient for calculations. Throw away those hours and seconds. Work starts at 375 minutes and lunch is at 500 minutes.   

       Since most clocks are anyway electronic these days they could easily be made dual scale for the transition.
kbecker, Jun 06 2003

       (excuse my english it's not may native languaje.. hehe) It isn't big deal... it's like going to a country where speed is measured in km/h.. if a sign says "MAX SPEED 70 km/h" you see the speedometer and try to maintain below that speed... you don't actually think in converting speed to miles per hour or whatever. SO...I think.. if you have a digital watch that shows "453 minutes... 85 seconds" or maybe and somebody says you... "hey... we would meet there at 640"... you don't actually would think about converting that time in what we know as "time"... it won't be complicated. BUT ALSO... think in that example... "640"... would be pronounced as "six.. forty"... same as "6:40" like nowdays... (same "words", diferent physical time obviusly)... AND ALSO... mechanical watches would be more easy to read... it won't be necesary the "am - pm" half day tradition of mechanical clocks. The "metric hour hand" or best.. the "decidays hand" (1 deciday = 1/10 of day) will be able to show any "metric hour" of the day (from 0 to 9), and make a complete turn every day, and the "metric minutes hand" or "milidays hand" (1 miliday = 1/1000 day) will show the 100th of an hour (from 0 to 99). So if the milidays hand is over number 5... it means 50 minutes... (nowdays if the minutes hand is over number 3.. .it means 15 minutes.. and you say metric time is confusing.. huh¿?). BUT consider other things... speed measurement would change... because miles per hour.. needs... "hours"... but there won't be any more hours.. so we will need "miles per deciday".. so nowdays 50 miles per hour would be "50 miles per 41.6666 decidays"... or "1,2 miles per deciday"... dificult to measure at low speeds (20mph would be 0,48mpdd).. so maybe measuring miles per centiday (1 centiday = 1/10 day) would be easier ... "50 mph would be 12 mpcd"... or with milidays: "50 mph would be 120 mpmd" .... huh..confusing. AND don't think in acceleration... how would you measure gravity.. 9.8 m/s² (actual meters per second²) AND computer speed measurement? ...1 mhz is 1 millons hertz... 1 hertz is 1 cylce per (actual) second. AND TV programs would need to change their phisycally time and format... I don't see a TV show during from "791 to 832" (phisycally nowdays 19:00 to 20:00)... but maybe from "800 to 850" but that 50 milidays duration time would be nowdays 1 hour with 13 minutes.... so strange format for TV shows.. and less and longer shows. AND.. ok maybe for 1 day the metric system works fine... but 1 day is rotation of earth and 1 year is the rotation of earth around the sun... so 1 year is 365 days long... how do you make this metric? you physicaly can't divide a year in a "10th metric format"... you would need 10 months... each of 36.5 days?? ..and if you could do it.... how do you divide 10 metric months in 4 seasons? maybe each season would last 2.5 month? and zodiac signs? ok... let's assume that we only change "1 day time".... BUT LOOK AT THIS!!!!: If you keep 12 months it would be necesary to have 7 month with 31 days and 5 with 30 days... because it would be necesary to eliminate the "february 29 or 28 days situation".. remeber METRIC TIME HAS NOT REMAINING SECONDS EACH DAY, it's the exact division in 10th of a day...actual days are 23h:56m long.. that 4 minutes are accumulated each day for 4 years so we have the 29th february...but...That wouldn't be a problem.. simply you give february 30 days... but, for example, was there a 30th february in 1934?? and all software and hardware compatibility dealing with dates? remember Y2K? hehe THINK!!!---- ok maybe we could stay with the 29th and 30th february situation and only change time in 1 day... but in that case we wouldn't be dividing the day in 10th metric format.. we would be using a "virtual metric format" because we wouldn't be changing the division of the phisycal duration of a day (from exact midnight to exact midnight), we would be changing the division of the "23h:56m virtual day".... and also.... if we don't keep 10th division in a year.. nor in months... why would we change time for measuring only 1 day??-
NickHunter, Jun 07 2003

       I actually thought I invented this. One place I worked I was talking to a co-worker about it and he had the nerve to pass out a memo to everyone stating that on a certain date our company would be switching to metric time.   

       I would say 95% of the people bought it, and about 50% were upset. The cream on the cake was that the price of the metric watch would be deducted from your paycheck. This was one of the funnier things I have seen at work.
Zimmy, Jun 07 2003

       Die, idea die!
FloridaManatee, Jun 07 2003

       uknow theres this really great Chinese Restaurant down the street, and when I order delivery the guy say's 35 to 45 minuites okay? I say 3/4 of an hour? He say's ok.
supercheezynachos, Jun 07 2003


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