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Octagonal Calendar Booklet

Just a thing to keep track of schedules and such.
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For anyone who doesn't want/have an electronic device to take care of this for them. My phone has a calendar function, but it's awful and useless. And I'd rather not mash those tiny keys anyway.

The thing wouldn't need to be very large, probably wallet-sized. Enough space to presumably write whatever you need to.

The paper has 8 sides. One of them is the spiral binding. Each page is a day. Monday has a tab at the top (next to the binding). Tuesday has one further clockwise, and so on. You can use them to flip to a particular day.

Maybe the tab is small -- three of them can fit on one side, so you can cram the whole month in there. Put an extra-large page between months.

Put a magnet in both covers and make the month dividers metal and it snaps shut. Then you can stick other papers in there, like shopping lists. Make the spiral binding large enough to stick a pen into. You could even cap the ends, make one end longer than the page. Bend that end out and you can put your pen in. It springs back into place. It'd be too small for a normal pen, probably. Pack it with a small pen. You can of course use your own pen if you prefer. Plus, the capped ends mean you won't have the spiral twisting out of the holes and getting caught on things.

BC, Dec 24 2011

Daytimer pocket size 2 page per day, indexed http://www.daytimer...ine=&cid=10&Origin=
csea's memory [csea, Dec 25 2011]


       I live and die by my Daytimer(r), none of these foolish electronic things for me!   

       But I don't get how //The paper has 8 sides.//   

       Picture/sketch? Further description?
csea, Dec 25 2011

       Oh, I get it. Only 2 sides, but 8 edges. But not sure how this is better than a traditional 4-edged pocket notebook.
csea, Dec 25 2011

       21: I doubt the size would be an issue. However, considering the ordinary shape of a pocket, it's less than ideal usage of space. Maybe make it oblong, so it's nearly a rectangle. As for the wear and tear, make the covers just slightly larger (surface area) than the tabs.   

       As for being better than a normal calendar book, I have no idea. I just thought it sounded neat. It would make it easy to flip to certain days, though.
BC, Jan 05 2012

       It doesn't need to be better, just different, and not a lot worse -- novelty calendars sell like hotcakes.
mouseposture, Jan 05 2012


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