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Just like microelectronics, but about baryonic matter.
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The mastery over some of the non-baryonic matter (the leptons, like electrons) had brought us the advanced computation and communication technologies, yet our ability to modify baryonic matter at will had remained relatively limited: matter modification is still in the hands of industrial machines, rather than people's homes.

The microatomics could start with a general purpose matter modification device, connectable to a computer, and allows for complex and fine procedures to be carried out on arbitrary lump of matter. One can imagine this as a multi-tentacle systems, with variable instrument (implement) at the ends of these tentacles, which could include:

- drills
- saws
- surgical knifes
- scissors
- needles
- laser cutters
- water jet cutters
- hooks
- palm-like mini hands
- peristaltic (worm-like) penetrators
- flagella-equipped penetrators
- files
- visors/cameras
- electrostatic cutters
- sandpaper-like polishers
- grinders
- freezers
- magnetizers
- suction endpoints
- washing endpoints
- aerosol endpoints
- ... etc. etc.

The tentacles systems would come with a mini operating table to affix the object to be modified. Upon connection to a computer, such systems would enable the user to use those the "multi-tenticle systems" using their own skills which could be used then to train AIs to repeat.

Produced at large scale, such "matter modification kits" could be very modular, and be sold as consumer electronics devices, enabling people to make fine modifications to arbitrary matter they have.

Mindey, Feb 03 2019

TWI Global: "The Laser Alternative....To Nuclear Decommissioning" https://www.youtube...watch?v=lJxdf13JHKU
[Mindey, Feb 03 2019]

My message to TWI Global on the subject matter. https://wiki.mindey...6cd19b48852d4c6.png
(If you know a better idea, where should this be made known to zoom into that future, I'm all-ears..) [Mindey, Feb 03 2019]

LinkIn - Andrew Graham https://www.linkedi...7824962282426368%29
(my comment in quotes) [Mindey, Feb 03 2019]


       Take one heavily-armed robot squid. Apply AI and malware. Keep your distance. "Just try not to look so baryonic; that only provokes it!"
pertinax, Feb 03 2019

       Scale is quite important. Is this like carving a a 36 metre cube anywhere in the Sahara desert?
wjt, Feb 03 2019

       My first thought, is that it could be the size of an ironing table (call it "programmable table"), where makers could process their creations.   

       [wjt], at macro-scale, that may work as a helper in real-estate construction sites, at micro-scale, doing microsurgery.
Mindey, Feb 03 2019

       "Personal computer was popularized as a form of typewriter... Maybe the snake-arm just has to be a super-cool screwdriver, that everyone wants, because they can replace its head with whatever they want, and affix its base it to wherever they want, and control and program over their phone."
Mindey, Feb 03 2019

       I encourage you to keep reading up on things similar to your idea. Nanotechnology (Drexler) comes to mind, as do Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)   

       Something new (to me) in arranging matter atom by atom is fractal electrons. They arranged atoms into a Sierpienski triangle and then the electrons naturally surrounding the atoms took on fractal forms.   

       Another thought I had was how to print nozzles smaller than the originating nozzle at at a 3d printer. The result is smaller and smaller nozzles to print with from each cycle. I think I thought this might be accomplished with using a magnetic field to compress the extruder output, making smaller dots than the diameter of the source nozzle's resolution.
beanangel, Feb 03 2019

       In theory, you don't need anything special to print a nozzle smaller than the one you're using. Just print a circle with a smaller inner diameter.   

       What's an electrostatic cutter?
notexactly, Feb 04 2019

       Electrostatic cutter - plasma knife, a high-voltage electrostatic discharge based cutting. :)
Mindey, Feb 04 2019


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