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Miracle Travel

Go to sleep at home and wake up abroad!
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Imagine... You go to sleep one night in your penthouse suite, only to find yourself in a beachhouse condo when you wake.

Scary? Not if you paid for the experience. Miracle Travel offers a unique service, taking out all the stress and complications of holiday travel.

Once you have decided on the details of your holiday you decide on a "departure window". This can be as short as a week or as long as a year. Miracle Travel will issue you with a set of pills, each labelled for one night of your departure window. All but one of the pills are placebos and only Miracle Travel know when you're due to take the real knockout drop.

On the night in question Miracle Travel's medical team, composed of highly-trained doctors, anesthesiologists and nurses enter your house and sedate you. One team packs all the appropriate items whilst you are transported by private ambulance to a waiting private jet which then delivers you to your destination.

At the destination the process is reversed and you wake in the morning at your destination, totally avoiding travel stress. In the lobby of your hotel you are met by your Miracle Travel representative and a Doctor who ensures you've suffered no ill effects.

Miracle Travel: The Bespoke Travel Stress Avoidance Service

alby, Aug 17 2005

A bit like... Thief_20In_20The_20Night_20Movers
[yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 17 2005]

A bit lesser like... carrymehome_2ecom
[hob]'s classic. [bristolz, Aug 19 2005]


       I love it. It'd be for people as or more important than the Queen of England, but it's an amusing prospect anyway.
ilanbg, Aug 17 2005

       Could be a form of Russian Roulette, where you end up in Russia no matter what destination you selected.
ldischler, Aug 17 2005

       B.A. didn't like it.
zeno, Aug 17 2005

       sp. some pity.
zeno, Aug 17 2005

       I was sure you were going to say California.   

       If you've just taken a nightey night pill, why would the medical team have to re-sedate you?
DocBrown, Aug 18 2005

       I think this wold be more entertaining if the person was nominated for this rather than booking it. Of course you would need to use knock out gas rather than sleeping pills.
hidden truths, Aug 18 2005

       "Where am I?"   

       "You're in the Village..."   

       "Who are you?"   

       "I"m the new Number Two."   

       "Who is Number one?"   

       "You are number six"
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 18 2005

       //Go to sleep at home and wake up abroad!//   

       I think this aspect was baked by lorena bobbitt some years ago.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 18 2005

       But imagine the disappointment every time you wake up and find yourself still at home!
moomintroll, Aug 18 2005

       Oh yes. That wouldn't do much for reducing stress. "when are they coming. Is this the pill?" Imagine the stress when The pill is scheduled for day 364.   

       + though. I like the idea.
Susan, Aug 18 2005

       I popped out for a quick drink on a Friday once and was woken up by a dwarf in a German youth hostel on Monday morning with half an hour to get to work.
weedy, Aug 19 2005

       Which is odd, seeing that you're not a German youth.
david_scothern, Aug 19 2005

       Tip for next time: sleep in the top bunk. That way the dwarf can't reach.
moomintroll, Aug 19 2005

       …unless they have an umbrella.   

       An added bonus is that you likely won’t lose your luggage (or furniture in this case), since you are part of the shipment. When your belongings mistakenly show up in Russia, you’ll be right there with them.
Shz, Aug 19 2005

       Imagine the stress of worrying:
Will they get me to the right place?
Will they turn the gas off?
Will they remember to take fluffy to the neighbour?
Will I wake up again?
What if I react to the anaesthesia?
What if they ask me the nature of my business at immigration?

       Worry, worry, worry. I need a holiday.
Ling, Aug 19 2005

krelnik, Aug 22 2005

       The cheap version is a set of pills including one random pill filled with LSD.
not_only_but_also, Aug 24 2005

       i had a pill at a party the other night and when i woke up i was in a strange bed with a strange woman.
benfrost, Aug 27 2005

       Make it a mystery tour and I'll sign up right away (despite the laws about sending 15 year olds off on holiday by themselves without a parent/ guardian).   

       Wasn't there that news story a while back about a couple who went off for a mystery tour, only to land back at the town they just left (the trip started from a town some distance away). For some reason this idea reminded me of this...
froglet, Aug 27 2005


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