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Thief In The Night Movers

Go to bed in your old house, wake up in your new house.
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A removals firm, that comes into your house after you have gone to bed, and very quietly packs up all your stuff.
This is then loaded into a van (you in your bed included), taken to your new address, and unloaded.
Everything is then laid on in your new home according to your instructions.
Before the workmen leave, they make a pot of tea, and pop some bread into the toaster.
What a great start to your new life!
MikeOliver, Mar 03 2005

For [Afro] Lost HB Annos
[Worldgineer, Mar 04 2005]


       An industrial strength version of carrymehome.com?
bristolz, Mar 03 2005

       Oh I love this highly improbable and extremely expensive idea. Reminds me of Shirley Temple in the Little Princess. Only she doesn't move, she just wakes up in a kitted out room. Very nice. I always wished that would happen to me.
k_sra, Mar 03 2005

       Also, the name's a bit bland. You'd get more readership if you'd call it "Thief In The Night Movers" or what have you...
k_sra, Mar 03 2005

MikeOliver, Mar 04 2005

       This is a great idea. I like it.
-----, Mar 04 2005

       Hi [MikeOliver] where you been?   

       nice idea, btw. I think I saw something like this in a telly commercial.
dentworth, Mar 04 2005

       Hi [dentworth].
I've been moving house and working hard, and have found inspiration hard to come by.
Feels good to be back though... hopefully the creative juices will start to flow!
MikeOliver, Mar 04 2005

       I know it's improbable, but a disoriented wrong step in unfamiliar surroundings could spell f.l.i.g.h.t. o.f. s.t.a.i.r.s.
reensure, Mar 04 2005

       I hope TR doesn't start annotating Vernon's ideas.
po, Mar 04 2005

       Having just recently moved - all by myself, the pain is still fresh in my mind. Great idea.
Flux, Mar 04 2005

       [po] Is [TR] being hilariously ironic, or do you think s/he / they just doesn't/don't understand?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 04 2005

       On current form, I would guess that hilarious irony is not in the repertoire.
angel, Mar 04 2005

       This would make a nice surprise, if you don't tell your spouse/children you're moving.
Worldgineer, Mar 04 2005

       Hey, where did {TheRoberts] go?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 04 2005

       They moved?
Worldgineer, Mar 04 2005

       Follow link for my proposed fix for such problems.
Worldgineer, Mar 04 2005

       This teeters on a WIBNI, but gosh dern, I do so wish it did exist. +
blissmiss, Mar 04 2005

       Fortunately, I was able to salvage my words. I'm considering doing my own version of a Halfbakery "how to" manual on my own semi-defunct site, but I'm sure I'll have lost interest by tomorrow.
AfroAssault, Mar 04 2005

       Back when I was Dorothy, we used tornados.
pluterday, Mar 04 2005

       Of course, you'd have to worry about fakes, who come in the middle of the night, take all your stuff, then leave you locked out of your house, even if you weren't moving...
froglet, Mar 04 2005

       <completely off topic as usual>
There was a carpet guy I used to know in Vancouver that did an installation only to have the boss screaming, demanding to know where he was, the customers had come home and nothing was finished.
It was one of those jobs on Such'nsuch street *north* without north being specified on the work order, and he went to Such'nsuch street south. Well the key was hidden in the barbecue right where they said it would be, furniture moving and rip-out was part of the job and there was enough carpet for the whole install so he had to do the same job again for free somewhere else. The company ate the cost of the carpet, and some family came back to a house renovated by, what must have seemed like, the carpet fairies or something because they never were told.
I wonder who finally stole credit for it?

       “Uh, y-yes, I, uh. Surprise sweetheart!”

       hehehe. funny [fries].
k_sra, Mar 05 2005

       What if the movers got it wrong and moved you into the house next door? Or if one of the movers was a perv?
froglet, Mar 05 2005

       Then your neighbors would wonder why you're sleeping on their couch naked.
Unless they're into that kind of thing.
AfroAssault, Mar 05 2005

       ok, how about an overseas move, can they do that?   

       load the sleeping family into the family car, drive it onto the ferry, crate the family goods, all onto a ship heading across the pond. 6 days later they all wake up in their new garage or quarantine warehouse! Yay!
dentworth, Mar 05 2005

       For constipated sleepers: Thief In The Night Bowel Movers
FarmerJohn, Mar 05 2005

       [bliss] - Not a WIBNI. I think this is just a matter of planning and money. Work out where everything is the old house is going to end up when it gets to the new house in advance (carefully ensuring that everything goes through doorways/up stairs etc.), have *lots* of removal men, possibly hire a couple of chinooks to speed things up a little and chloroform the residents so that they don't wake up. I need chloroform just to sleep at all the night before moving house.
wagster, Mar 06 2005

       Well now that you've added the chloroform...it's now a wow, WIBNI! I +ed you know.
blissmiss, Mar 06 2005

       <giggles at [FJ]'s anno>
k_sra, Mar 07 2005


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