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Mobile/stationary Buckle

Mobile-stationary belt buckle
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I bought a mobile phone car-holder the other day that's basically a strong, thin adhesive slab of magnet which you stick somewhere in your car. you then stick a corresponding piece of metal to your phone the same way....and i'm sure you can figure out the rest.

Also...I see a lof of people wearing those silly mobile phone holsters on their belts.

Now, the rest isnt really astro-physics. But basically you incorporate the old magnet concept into a belt buckle, and *POOF* You have a 2 in 1 fashionable cum convenient-place-to-keep-you-phone type of arrangement going on.

Fashionable because nowadays, unfortunately, mobiles are seen as a fashion statement first, and communicational device second. They're essentially accessories to many, and get replaced rather often, with the newest, most aesthetically-pleasing models.

Warning though, there's potential to get embarressed wearing one of these.. you walk past someones desk, for example, and swipe their entire loose-metal content towards your crotch...haha...staples, paperclips, pens etc. But that might not be such a bad thing...*POOF* Enter the stationery buckle!

Gotta love the name at least

shinobi, Oct 01 2005

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shinobi, Oct 02 2005


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