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Mock feet cleaning

or, how to get all that crap (metaphorically speaking) off the floor
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Whilst walking from the shower room barefoot I noticed, for the nth time, just how incredibly successful slightly damp feet are in getting rubbish to stick to them.

Und zo, a cleaner made up of two, or more that two, mock feet covered with a surface like skin, with a water tank to keep them moist. The device wanders around and all the crap sticks to the feet, where it is strigil-ed off into a hopper. No pun intended.

coming soon a mock white shirt to catch all the tomato sauce etc

not_morrison_rm, Jan 23 2012

Like this? http://www.google.c...eT6n-Ge2UiQfvzIXWDQ
Only bigger and for floors... [neutrinos_shadow, Jan 24 2012]




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