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Mortal Humpbat

The inevitable evolution
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I saw a new video fighting game in a taco shoppe and marvelled how the female characters now have enormous breasts that bounce in a lifelike way as they kick, punch, headlock and piledriver the other fight characters and are likewise brutalized in return. I also marveled at their lack of pants, and at the buff, rippling, glistening muscles on the male characters as they wrestled and beat one another into abject submission.

It is pretty clear where these games are going, and with the help of BUNGCO, they can arrive. Mortal Humpbat features male and female characters in costumes which leave them quite indecent. As opposed to games in which the object is to batter the opponent lifeless, in Mortal Humpbat you seize the opponent, then pleasure yourself with their wriggling body. Your opponent must break free then attempt to pleasure him/herself at your expense in return. The winner is the one who can use his or her opponent to bring his character to orgasm first. There is hitting and punching, but it serves only to decrease the level of arousal of your opponent - and this decreases your own level as well. No-one is killed or rendered unconscious.

Now lusty gamers can overty satisfy the erotic fantasies implicit in these games, whether with sweaty manly men or anime schoolgirl types. Submissive types may choose to lose on purpose. Perhaps a secret code will allow the two Humpbatants to get along and have consensual intercourse....nah.

please don't tell me this already exists....

bungston, Nov 19 2004

Bishojo game http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishojo_game
from wikipedia. [calum, Nov 19 2004]

H Game http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H_game
again, wikipedia. "An H game is a Japanese video or computer game that features pornographic content, usually in the form of anime-style artwork" [calum, Nov 19 2004]

(?) //player attempting to employ their physical wiles to bring the computer controlled character to orgasm// http://www.wired.co...,1284,67224,00.html
oh dear. [calum, May 24 2005]


       Kama sutra version, anyone?
Machiavelli, Nov 19 2004

       I purchased the "Mortal Humpbat - Temper Tantric Edition" and I'm really disappointed. Each fight lasts like six hours! [+] for dispensing with the pretense that these characters are not designed to be overtly and inappropriately sexual.
contracts, Nov 19 2004

       So what this is like Street Fighter II the rape edition. Bone, appropriately.
etherman, Nov 19 2004

       There are already computer games about having the sex and in the main, they are Japanese. (I can't for the life of my remember the correct term for these games, and I'm not about to put "Japanese Sex Games" into google while at work.) The games are, if I remember correctly, more about persuading ladies to lay with you and are often fairly simple multiple choice "text adventures with pictures." [See link. It seems I underestimated the nature and extent of Japanese adult gaming]. I have certainly ever seen an "action fucking" game.   

       Perhaps, [bungston], the idea would have been better received if it involved the player attempting to employ their physical wiles to bring the computer controlled character to orgasm, using various love making special moves and combos. Different opponents could have different preferences (including, perhaps, being dominated and mock raped) and to progress to the Bella Emberg style boss, each must be satisfied in turn.   

       You get a croissant for the mental image I had when I read "humpbat."
calum, Nov 19 2004

       I remember "Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge-Lizards" which I suppose could be considered the 8-bit ancestor of what [bungston] proposes.
hippo, Nov 19 2004

       //progress to the Bella Emberg style boss//

Now there's no need to go planting that sort of image in peoples minds now, is there? Completely uncalled for. Very poor form.
DrBob, Nov 19 2004

       Sorry, sorry. It won't happen again, sir.
calum, Nov 19 2004


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