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Motherboard Irrigation

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Dust gets all over my motherboard. Probably because of the air flow or static electricity or something. The only real way to get your motherboard nice and clean is to spray all the nooks and crannies with compressed air.

Have a simple loop of pipe around all the parts on the motherboard with appropriately spaced holes so that a single burst of compressed air can loosen all the dust particles quickly and effectively. You may then proceed to vacuum up all the debris before it settles again.

mitxela, Apr 06 2009


       It's not really irrigation, is it? That would imply cutting grooves into the mother board. It probably needs a whole new word, such as 'transflation'.
pertinax, Apr 06 2009

       I suppose so. My garden irrigation system is just a hosepipe with holes in it, though.
mitxela, Apr 06 2009

       word bun to [pertinax] for 'transflation'.
zen_tom, Apr 06 2009

       I think an oil bath air filter would be cooler.
WcW, Apr 06 2009

       You could trigger the process using a key combination on the keyboard.
Ian Tindale, Apr 06 2009

       //I think an oil bath air filter would be cooler.//   

       The reason I thought this up was so that it would be very easy but without changing your set up very much at all.
mitxela, Apr 06 2009

       Wouldn't it be a case of ventilation or "turbulent dust arousal"?
Aristotle, Apr 07 2009

       i'm not convinced that the many holes will have adequate pressure to loosen the dirt.
loonquawl, Apr 07 2009

       I seem to remember a scene in "Gattaca" where Ethan Hawke goes over his keyboard with a sort of micro-vacuum cleaner to keep fallen skin cells and hair follicles from falling into the cracks and incriminating him.   

       One of those, anyway.
neuro, Apr 07 2009

nick_n_uit, Apr 07 2009


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