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Motorised Carousel Ponies

A carousel pony, motor and pogo stick.
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By introducing special carousel pony lanes marked by vibrant lane markings upon certain highways,busy people may now pogo-a-pony across town.

These exquisite and beautiful ponies are a delight to observe and use. You control the reins which in turn rev's the self contained engine attached to the centered pogo stick.Hop on, feet into the stirrups, a quick "giddyup" and off you go bouncing across town.

Other variations could include the magic of Unicorns or the mythical fantasy of Pegasus.

skinflaps, Dec 12 2005

(?) Carousel pony http://www.carrouse...lionheart-large.jpg
Add a motor and a pogo stick. [skinflaps, Dec 12 2005]

Wags, a pony is nothing... http://www.worldwid.../articles/money.htm
...be worried when they ask for a monkey. [coprocephalous, Dec 12 2005]


       sp: reins   

po, Dec 12 2005

skinflaps, Dec 12 2005

       If Rolls Royce have a problem getting Spirit of Ecstasy not to damage pedestrians, think of the problems you're going to have with a unicorn.
coprocephalous, Dec 12 2005

       This is a beautiful idea. It just begs for an illustration.
hidden truths, Dec 12 2005

       //It just begs for an illustration.// The cartoon sequence in Mary Poppins?
coprocephalous, Dec 12 2005

       "Mummy I want a pony!" just got more expensive and more dangerous.
wagster, Dec 12 2005

       ...And more manly. Jeremy Clarkson will be test-driving one before you know it.
(DISCLAIMER: I find Jeremy Clarkson immensely annoying; I just don't know any other test-driving people's names.)
friendlyfire, Dec 12 2005

       //any other test-driving people's names// Princess Anne?
po, Dec 12 2005

       coprocephalous/wagster: be even more worried if they ask for a yard (this is misdefined in that article - it actually means a billion of whatever currency you're talking about).
DrCurry, Dec 12 2005


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