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Multi tethered escape velocity assist

107 km long electric tether wire powers electric planes holding wire up and tether pulls at world turning speed
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Only a tiny rocket is then needed to send the last stage into space.

Next rockets climb the wire and reuse it.

pashute, Jan 30 2017

Launch loop https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Launch_loop
mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Feb 26 2017]


If the wire was wrapped around a helium-filled tube to make it weightless, it wouldn't need the planes. [+]
Alvin, Jan 30 2017

       If the wire was instead a looped iron pipe of diameter ~50 mm and length ~4 Mm, half of which was covered by another slightly wider non-ferrous pipe, that half of which was arched up to ~80 km above ground, and the other half of which was at ground level, and the entirety of which was pushed along at ~14 km/s by a station at each end, it wouldn't need the planes. It also wouldn't need the rocket until apogee (for circularization/perigee raising). [link]
notexactly, Feb 26 2017


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