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National Speeding Day

On a highway near you
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Once a year, on a quiet Sunday, there is no maximum speed limit. The usual maximum speed limit is changed to a _minimum_ speed limit.

This will be a joy for many motorists. Finally they can drive as fast as their car can. The most reckless drivers will kill themselves and/or the other testosterone driven males on the highway.

All sane people stay home or avoid the highways. Darwin at work, the smart people survive, the stupid people kill themselves and each other.

It will be entertaining to watch reckless and irresponsible drivers at work on a highway near you. It might even become a touristic attraction for motorists to go to the country or state where this is legal. An entertaining weekend.

Much like the North American Mercedes buyers who buy their car in Germany from the factory to drive on the Autobahn with it at topspeed before importing it.

Or like those tourists who go to Pomplona to run against the bulls in narrow streets. People like danger, they should be allowed to do dangerous and stupid things every once in a while.

Or like children, give them a good playground and they stop playing outside the playground.

To achieve peace it is also a good instrument. It should especially be attractive to 18 year old boys. I read somewhere that the best indicator for a war to break out is the proportion of (bored) boys of that age in a country.

rrr, Oct 13 2004


       Maybe not baked, but preheated at least in science fiction. There are several classic stories in which a yearly lawless day is the central theme.
normzone, Oct 13 2004

       "National Cull-the-herd Day"
half, Oct 13 2004

       "National break-in those new paramedics" day.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 13 2004

       How about a general "Lawless Day" - give law enforcement a rest and just let everyone have at it. The survivors will be those smart enough to hide the best.
trekbody, Oct 13 2004

       A general lawless day - here's a question...when people are no longer allowed to steal things without fear of repercussion, who gets to keep the stolen items?   

       IE., if I go to the porsche dealership and rip off a 911 turbo, do I get to keep it if I can hang on to it for the rest of the day?
Macwarrior, Oct 14 2004

       Probably, you'd get to keep in until the end of the day or until someone one beat you to death with a tire iron and took it for themselves, whichever came first. I'm seeing some minor flaws in the "Lawless Day" extreme.
half, Oct 14 2004

       There's the other problem. You'd end up with a hell of a lot of dead bodies at the end of the day, guaranteed - in- laws, bosses, et cetera. Does this day mean that (A) the killer has that day to get out of the country, or (B) since the person was killed when it was legal to kill people, the killer gets off scot-free?
Macwarrior, Oct 14 2004

       Sorry, but waug's "speed buddy" makes this kind of slow, and boring. I wanna go fast everyday, and mostly when I'm late. Speed should be used for purpose, and for fun, but not just willy-nilly. I also think that having a pal in speeding, makes it more fun.
blissmiss, Oct 14 2004

       There would definitely be a security build-up to Lawless Day(TM). Porsche and other car dealers would have to invest in heavier security, but could employ snipers for the day to pick off anyone spending significant time trying to break in to a dealership.   

       Since there are no laws on Lawless Day(TM) there is no crime on that day - you can't charge anyone with a crime - would be great for crime statistics!   

       As for the dead bodies - santitation workers would have to be paid overtime, so it would probably help the economy too! Unless too many of them were killed, then we would still have the body problem.
trekbody, Oct 15 2004


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