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Nerd Moral Drama Shoulder Puppets

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A little Randall Munroe whispers into one ear, a little Simon Travaglia into the other. Whose promptings will you act on?
pertinax, Mar 18 2018

Munroe http://xkcd.com
[pertinax, Mar 18 2018]

Travaglia https://www.theregi...k/data_centre/bofh/
[pertinax, Mar 18 2018]

Scott Adams sad blog https://theoutline....st?zd=2&zi=2l3pq3zs
More or less. [RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2018]

Nietzsche's style https://www.pictore...ile/Pawel.Kuczynski
I have to defer to a Belaz 75710 more knowledge but would Nietzsche overview in pictorial satire like this? [wjt, Apr 03 2018]


       Scott Adams.
8th of 7, Mar 18 2018

       He's not on a shoulder.   

       He sits on your nose with a sketch pad to wave in front of your eyes.
Skewed, Mar 18 2018

       Scott Adams is an ass.
RayfordSteele, Mar 18 2018

       Basil Brush, and a nondescript entity that reminds me that the world has expectations of behaviour in a modern populist world that are totally incongruent with any rational behaviour or progression of human civilisation which could possibly be in a socialist direction for a laugh for a few years until it got boring, or otherwise terraforming Mars so that the global economy can increase by one globe and no other value what-so-ever.   

       Sadly I think most people today are dealing with a Basil Brush vs a Mr Blobby scenario.   

       I could get political by mentioning those nerve agent assassination puppets. Was it the UK, the US, Israel or in a remarkable double-bluff Russia ?   

       I don't know about you, but the amount of toadying in Parliament recently, I have to rule out the UK government as any kind of credible source of information.   

       So no, I probably don't even have one reliable puppet at the moment. I was just thinking recently that it was easier on the brain just to have the BBC commentary on life. When you realise that most media segments are 99% rhetoric, its bloody hard to stitch together any true story.   

       To be honest I'm falling back to history as it *has* unfolded, and that's basically that the US has just been pissing all over the world, corrupting elections, overthrowing governments, creating a migrant crisis in europe with no interest in reconstruction and democratic governments.   

       Meh, the US is run by NRA lobbyists. They have no beliefs other than guns, greed and money. They are totally screwed as is any country who puts the shareholder first.   

       In the UK the milk industry has been milked so much the milk producers are giving up. No more milking. No more milk.   

       In the US the education industry has been milked so much there are no more educated people in the US apart from those elite businessmen attending Trump University.   

       [-] for obvious reasons.
bigsleep, Mar 19 2018

       //the US is run by NRA lobbyists//   

       Shouldn't you give a little more credit to all the other evil special- interest groups?
pertinax, Mar 19 2018

       Hang on, didn't I cover education, media, food, politics, space travel and economy as a whole ?   

       If you have an AppleTV, install Rheo, stick it on Learn and leave on in the background. It is an amazing feed. Its like media but without the bias, anger and rhetoric.
bigsleep, Mar 19 2018

       So it would be like a null annotation by bigs.   

       Seriously dude, you need to start looking at the planks in the eyes of people like Putin and company and forget about the specs at the BBC.
RayfordSteele, Mar 19 2018

       //Scott Adams is an ass// [8th of 7] Where's the link? I might be that kind of ass so have to do the scientific investigation.   

       [pertinax] I have never heard of Travaglia and didn't like the initial format. A high strength beer and a read did tickle the end of the humorus, though.   

       After [bigsleep] pointing out the average aimed economy industry with associated puppets, I realised this just backs up the 'simple duality' which severely stunts the human mind. Funny, but not that good.
wjt, Mar 23 2018

       //simple duality//   

       Wait, we can fix this; like the ass-tail on a fool's cap, a third figure bobs down over your forehead : a bulging-eyed Nietzsche puppet mumbles Beyond Good and Evil into your pineal third ear*.   

       *not included
pertinax, Mar 23 2018

       Keeping in the frame of XKCD vs BOFH judgement Nietzsche. I wonder what Nietzsche's satirical take would be?
wjt, Mar 23 2018

       Thank you for the link, [Rayford]. I found it a bit simplistic, though; I mean, the author kicks off with "It took nearly a century for schlock to fully supplant the few extant currents of the refined in American society". You have to wonder about the imagined golden age of American culture (presumably the 1920s) and what is supposed to have defined it as such in contrast to the present. Henry Miller, perhaps?   

       Anyway, I agree in disliking Adams' world-view, but rather than try to define him as the embodiment of all that is dumb and evil, I would prefer to be more specific. He seems to be someone who's decided that intelligence is an adequate substitute for education. He's wrong, but sometimes, as in the case of Faraday, such people can make important contributions. I've sometimes enjoyed his provocations, and the fact that he gets far enough under people's skins to provoke such a lengthy and pompous rant suggests that he may have probed some sore points that are worth probing.
pertinax, Mar 25 2018

       I don’t consider him the embodiment of dumb and evil--I just don't consider him at all. With no shortage of talking heads competing for attention, moving along to the next one, if I even want to, isn't considerably difficult.
RayfordSteele, Apr 03 2018


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