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New Pants Shoe Inserts

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Having recently bought new pants, I was wearing them. Then it started to rain, and the bottoms of the legs got wet. I rushed to my dorm (the college life for me) and got inside to dry off. Later I noticed something. My new jeans had died my the backs of my shoes BLUE.

Something to protect shoes next time would be nice.

DesertFox, Sep 13 2006


       or, something to dye your shoes according to plan? +
xenzag, Sep 13 2006

       Well known problem with denim. (And the old Redcoats' uniforms, though not many people encounter that one any more.)   

       I often roll my trouser legs up in heavy rain (not that I wear jeans, but it helps keep suit pants from getting ruined, and if the weather's that bad, no one cares that you look like a gumbie).
DrCurry, Sep 13 2006

skinflaps, Sep 13 2006

       sp: dyed
just didn't want your jeans to die.

       You know, you should always wash new jeans by themselves first, so the dye can wash out a bit before you wear them.
xandram, Sep 13 2006

       Wash your pants first. Otherwise other things can get dyed blue. And not EVERYONE is going to belive that you are a pict.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 13 2006

       Being young and completely out of fashion, I wore new jeans to go skiing for the first time. After sliding down the mountain from pretty much the very start of the run, I looked back up the mile that I had tumbled down. Much to my surprise I had left a rather prominent blue streak all the way down ending right at my ass.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 13 2006

       NTSS: assuming you were cussing all the way down, I guess that's where the expression "swearing a blue streak" comes from.
DrCurry, Sep 14 2006

       If I recall correctly I wasn't really vocalizing many distinct words so much as one long syllable.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 14 2006


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