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Transformation of "marriage romantic" into "normal family" relationship.
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Relationship between a husband and wife could be said to be not normal, because unlike all other relationships in a family, it entails not just responsibilities and support, but also expectations of stigmatization of any romantic relationships with others, which prevents from free exploration and engagement with among the most complex objects in universe -- other people's minds. This stigmatization can be a factor stopping other (especially married) people from freely engaging in that exploration.

Normalization would work as follows -- once the romantic relationship with the married person has subsided, married people could declare themselves normalized, which would make them simply family members, without expectations any others than those from family members (e.g., like brotherhood).

Ordinary family members don't expect you to spend your time together just with them, that you don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend, that you can't fall in love with someone. On the contrary, normal family members encourage it.

Normalization would entail the relationship has become normal, and society would have to treat the couple as in family, without applying the norms other than those for normal family members.

This would work well with law as well, since people would not have to divorce, so, they would not have to lose any marital benefits they might have.

So, normalization could adjust social expectations.

Mindey, Mar 14 2016


       Who ?
normzone, Mar 14 2016

       Who? :)
Mindey, Mar 14 2016

       Happy Pi Day! :) We don't know if Pi is a normal number...
Mindey, Mar 14 2016

       [normzone], ?!
Mindey, Mar 14 2016

       OK, so [Mindey] is male.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2016

       [MaxwellBuchanan], I thought it was obvious...
Mindey, Mar 14 2016

       Well, yes, but you can see it much more clearly from where you are than we can.
normzone, Mar 14 2016

       [Max] is a male, too, but I don't know about [normzone].
Mindey, Mar 14 2016

       Neither is [normzone], for that matter ...
8th of 7, Mar 14 2016

normzone, Mar 14 2016

       Who? :)
Mindey, Mar 14 2016

       Would normalization merely be a current name for "open marriage"? Or am I misreading things?
whatrock, Mar 15 2016

       [whatrock], if anything, the normalization could perhaps be a process by which "traditional marriage" is converted into an "open marriage" (by one of possible definitions).   

       I didn't know about the word "open marriage", but looking at Wikipedia, it looks like it is something that is a type of relationship agreed upon from the beginning, while I'm talking about the ways to modify the existing relationships, with existing expectations.   

       Moreover, from Wikipedia, it seems that "open marriage" is more about sexual relationships, while it could be not the most important thing. In Wikipedia, it says that concept of "open marriage" had also been used to represent -- "the concept of open marriage as sexually non-monogamous marriage had gained a life of its own". That's not what it would be.
Mindey, Mar 16 2016

       someone call the owl exterminator
Voice, Mar 16 2016

       Does signing normalization brings one's marital status to "unmarried"?
Inyuki, Mar 18 2016

       [Inyuki], no. I think it sounds more cool, if you say "Marital status: Normal!" -- you are frank and appreciate your family member whom you are *actually* married with.
Mindey, Mar 18 2016


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