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Open Source Lion Fish Hunting

Pay People to Identify Lion Fish and Kill Them
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Lion Fish are an invasive species etc., and they kind of need to die in some places.

There should be a nonprofit that pays people to identify Lion Fish on underwater camera streams on the internet. They would alert moderators who would push the kill button. The moderator would confirm that the Fish was a Lion Fish, that it was in the target range, and would send a retractable spear through its head.

nomocrow, Jan 01 2018


       Remote controlled lion fish hunting minisubs.   

       Minisub is attached to a solar-collector buoy by an umbilical. Buoy has the telemetry link. Minisub has IR/low light binocular cameras for hunting at night.   

       Sign up for an account. Log in to an available sub. Prowl the reef. Earn points and credit for every lionfish you spear. Put your initials in the high scorer table. Be an eco-warrior in the most literal sense. Image recognition interlock prevents accidental spearing of non- lionfish.   

       Pay extra to have your trophy shipped to you in a jar of formalin.   

       No bag limit, always open season.   

       Open special "parlours" in Tokyo and watch the lionfish get hunted to extinction.   

       All that's needed is someone to translate "Tiny spiny stripey red whale-harpooning club" into Japanese …
8th of 7, Jan 01 2018

       I hope you can use a blockchain to kill lion fish because I don't think anyone will be interested otherwise.
Cuit_au_Four, Jan 02 2018

       Even non-profit outfits need revenue streams - can you work that in somehow?   

       Divers in the recently invaded areas are already in kill on site mode.
normzone, Jan 04 2018

       Just start a rumour that eating lionfish eyeballs cures impotence.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2018

       Grants, donations from interested parties, Kill A Lionfish Club dues, advertising on the interface, etc.
nomocrow, Jan 13 2018

       Actually, medium-yield fusion devices initiated at the sea surface are acceptably effective at killing lionfish.
8th of 7, Jan 13 2018

       Would it also affect telling-the-truth-fish?
Ian Tindale, Jan 13 2018


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