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Open This Phone

Box game with phone mockups that you have to try and open to "replace battery or SIM"
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The cheap version has mock ups made of wood.

The more expensive one, has a digital interface, that changes the method of opening each time. A website would give "cheats" for free, if you promise to do some good deed in the world, or to make amends with someone you just angered recently.

Upgrade to the "Connect the adapter" or the "insert SD card".

Injuries to your fingers, are at your own risk.

pashute, Sep 02 2010


       Expert game: iPhone battery replacement.
Alx_xlA, Sep 03 2010

       Olympic level: Open the casing and change the LCD.   

8th of 7, Sep 03 2010

       A new version has the game instructions behind a blotted out touch screen, that keeps going to the wrong location.
pashute, Mar 13 2011


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