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Orca Launcher

Orcinus Orca Sursumpulta
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Dive in. The water's nice. Not far beneath the surface you'll find this astounding beauty; A massive Feign Orca. From the sleek and majestic machinery of this awesome beast emanates an aura of unbridled power. Swimming closer, you sense a glimmer of beckoning in its eyes; an inviting smile of sorts. The hair on the back of your neck stands up because you're underwater. A feeling of warmth surrounds you. Clearly you both have skyward thoughts in mind.

Perched with heart-pounding anticipation at the apex of the poised giant, you give the signal... A whale of a hydraulic piston sends you and ol' rubber blubber careening towards the surface... and beyond.

Shz, Nov 16 2004

Yay! http://mobry.dyndns...aworld/29_002_9.jpg
[Shz, Nov 16 2004]


       Fake whale - real launcher.
Shz, Nov 16 2004

       bet you can't say Orca Launcher too many times when you've had a few.   

       nice idea. smaller dolphin ones for the kids?
po, Nov 16 2004

       I love orcas! I love launchers! I love swimming in the ocean! +++
Machiavelli, Nov 16 2004

       Sure po, any aquatic critter would be fine. It’s all about the dive really. Having tried many interesting ways of falling into water, I thought it would be fun to get launched out of the water. It’s not likely I’ll ever be in the water with a real trained Orca, and that’s the only thing I could think of that launches this way. Oh, and those cute little SLBM’s. Hey [UB], those would work for you.
Shz, Nov 16 2004


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