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PDA Stash Drawer

Add RL storage to your handheld.
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A little widget which turns a PCMCIA slot into a drawer for holding business cards, headache pills, a condom, or other business necessities.
rmutt, Dec 18 2000


       Well, the point was to put stuff inside the PDA, not to put the PDA inside something else...
rmutt, Dec 18 2000

       Why? Then you need to either remove something from inside the PDA, making it less functional, or make it larger. Would be easier to just use a wallet or something, I think...
StarChaser, Mar 21 2001

       Baked, in any Handspring, there is a large port, the cover of the port is hollow, you simply put it in th cover and slide it in, it's the perfect size for a condom! Almost perfect!
Weirdo55, Mar 11 2004


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