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Pedal schoolbus

Powered by calories
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Childhood obesity is getting worse in the US. Install pedals in school buses. The engine would remain, but wouldn't be running when full of kids. For example the ride home...
evilpenguin, Jun 20 2012

Kind of baked. http://islabikes.co...th24-customise.html
[pocmloc, Jun 20 2012]

Cycle_20Bus [marked-for-deletion] redundant [hippo, Jun 20 2012]


       You're going to need a bigger bus!
xenzag, Jun 20 2012

       Didn't "The Flintstones" do this, but without the pedals?
jurist, Jun 20 2012

       I can just imagine the obese parents of these kids, bleating to an opportunistic TV news reporter how their precious little porker was left sitting on a stationary bus overnight, because all of the kids were too lazy to pedal home.
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

       [UnaBubba] we Australians can't really talk, our obesity rates (for adults anyway) aren't that much better than America's.
erenjay, Jun 20 2012

       I know. I blame the parents. They're the ones who drive their kids to MacDonald's.
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012


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