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Pen and Paper BBS / messageboard

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An online forums consist of a board and lots of topics. What would an offline version look like?

What if we do it in pen and paper. To start a new topic, you get an empty journal with a wide spine. You write the topic on the spine, then you place the book on a vertical shelf.

Books on the top are the most recently written on, and books on the bottom are the older ones.


You could place such system anywhere on libraries, toilets, cafes. etc...

Oh, and best of all, it can survive without the internet.

mofosyne, Jun 08 2015

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       Howabout those old continuous-feed loop-towels occasionally found in 2nd rate gas station toilets?
RayfordSteele, Jun 08 2015

       and the blue crayon from where the guards censored different elements depedning on the institutions we are all in
oneoffdave, Jun 09 2015


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