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Private Library

Private as opposed to Public Library
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While the Public library strives to be all things to all people a Private library where several (100-1000) people pool their books would be more timly and offer grater selections of specific materials. Consider that 100 computer scientists or historians or whatever could pool books, and cull duplicates and have a much more interesting selection than a public institution. Users could be encouraged to donate to the library by offering check out privs. after the donation of say 100 volumes by a person. The contents would then be only available to these people.
rmtmaine, Aug 14 2002

Baked. In spades. http://www.the-old-...demon.co.uk/pla.htm
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]


       I quite like the concept behind this, but, in my experience, computer scientists and historians and the like will do almost anything to stop other people getting access to their resources.
salachair, Aug 14 2002

       Can you explain how this is different (in concept) to a University Library? (A collection of books from a whole host of different University departments, not open to the public)
namaste, Aug 14 2002

       Baked - we do this at the church I attend. People donate books to a central store and can borrow books from a central store.
PeterSilly, Aug 14 2002

       Duh. Thoroughly Baked.
DrCurry, Aug 14 2002


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