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Personal Computer Projector

Tiny lightweight computer display projector
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A tiny, lightweight, low-power, computer display projector for personal use, projects the display onto your hand, or when lying in bed - onto the ceiling.

In a "laptop-computer" you would have the detachable screen be of some florecent material, so that the low power light coming at it is amplified. A head-band could be used, to project the images on an open empty book, for a true "digital book reading" experience.

pashute, May 04 2003


       if it's displaying on your hand, how do you type....Oh yeah.. the speech recognition takes care of that.. nice, Pashute. Croissant for effort.   

       Check out the Sony Glasstron.. great idea, but didn't go anywhere unfortunately.
mahatma, May 05 2003

       Unfortunately, unless used with properly-designed screens, projectors are a horrendously energy-inefficient means of displaying stuff.
supercat, May 05 2003

       I like the idea of a computer that uses the nearest available surface as a display - vague echoes of the PA system in the Hitchhiker's Guide. In fact, I think this is an all-round good idea. I do wonder if some of the current crop of LCD projectors might nor incorporate PCs, but I don't think they count as tiny.
DrCurry, May 05 2003


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