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Personal Home Omni-theater

For 1 to 4 persons, adults or children
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We’ve been to omni-theaters for movies and so on, but how about a smaller one that you can buy and install at home, like a private theater? With a 360 degrees surround video and audio, it will beat any other theater system.

The main functions are entertainment and relaxation. If you don’t like images, you can just use it as a place for quiet comfort and music in relaxing darkness.

Besides omni-shows and movies, immersive interactive games can also be played, so in a sense it's an advanced game machine as well. You can have single-seater versions or larger ones to accommodate an average family.

baboo, Apr 11 2002


       It would be a nifty thing to have in a home but I can't imagine that there would be very many offerings for this format (inevitably small installed base would provide little incentive to produce in the format). You get bored pretty quickly watching the same 3 or 4 things over and over.
bristolz, Apr 11 2002

       hummmm great idea, but would require quite a change to your living room. but i then thought about an "Entertainment Pod". your supply company would deliver you a complete entertainment room in a portakabin type manner to the front of your house. It would already have the latest & geatest sound, home cinema & games toys fully installed and optimised. It would plug into your homes power supply, telephone line, tv cable/satelite & broadband internet connection. It would be decorated in a high quality minimalist manner & you could choose seating options, based upon use & cost. The advantages are that they should be able to supply the kit cheaper due to bulk buying and that you would lease it rather than own it. The supply company would be responsible for maintenance & major upgrades would be supplied by swapping your old pod for a new one. Obviously it would need to be secure, but it could call the police itself using cell phone technology (in case they cut the phone line). I want one NOW, but have to move out of central London first.
mymus, Apr 11 2002

       I quite enjoy sitting in front of a freaking huge OmniMax screen. I don't see how this could be duplicated in a home environment.
waugsqueke, Apr 11 2002

       easy. you lease the "freaking huge OmniMax screen" pod.
mymus, Apr 11 2002

       [waugs]: You have a second floor in that house don't you?  Simply hollow out the whole house.  You're handy with tools, no?
bristolz, Apr 11 2002

       That's right - no. I'm good at taking things apart though. I do all of my own demolition.   

       I should add that I enjoy sitting in front of a freaking huge OmniMax screen even more when there is something being projected onto it.
waugsqueke, Apr 11 2002

       As a side benefit, you could use the pod to pretend that you are Mork from Ork.
polartomato, Aug 14 2002


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