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Personal "Online" transportation

Utilize the mountain Gondola lift idea to develop city transport above the ground
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Create W-shaped hanging strings in the city, between various houses, wherever possible above the ground.

Create the hang-able bicycles and motorcycles for riding them (consider automatic safety measures).

Enjoy the 3D traffic scenery.

Inyuki, Jan 09 2010

Shweeb http://shweeb.com
Baked years ago, selected by Google 10^100 project & being put into practise. [Inyuki, Sep 25 2010]


       'W-shaped' ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2010

       Well, I guess if a string is long, then there has to be additional support for it in these long distances in order to avoid certain physical problems that arise if you would try hang a long wire using two end points.   

       In case of W-shaped strings,you can use the middle of the top of the /\ for supporting the string with leaving out the corners \ and / for supporting your vehicle... of course, something like _|_-shape or |_|_|-shape would also do, and I wrote "W-shaped" just because there was no other appropriate single-letter symbol.
Inyuki, Jan 09 2010

       So, the thing that you support the W-shaped string with, how is it supported?   

       Why not just use the simple ski-lift car approach?
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010


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