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Personality Type Conversion Service

a service for a more exciting life
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Website User fills out a questionnaire that takes the information and then defines in general terms your personality type.

Then the system furnishes the details related to the polar opposite personality type to your own. With this description a list of activities that your opposite personality type might pursue is furnished.

Once this proposed opposite activity list is supplied so too are links to deals, discounts activity options etc..

An example of this activity list is you are asked if you like dancing. you say "no i prefer to read a book instead" so your opposite personality would like dancing and the site would supply information about places where you could go dancing maybe making it easier for you to snap out of your typical pattern of behavior

For a fee you can choose to sign up and the site will construct and or help you construct step by step an untraceable false identity, fake persona, street name, real alter ego etc...

vfrackis, Nov 13 2009




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