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Phobia Calculator

Hi I am frackis and I am an Atomocypridomeningitophobic
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Enter a list of things that you are afraid of and this program spits out an official compound medical name for your type of mental defect with a pronunciation key.

I happen to be afraid of prostitutes with alzheimers that posses nuclear weaponry.

vfrackis, Jan 20 2010

Phobia List http://phobialist.com/
[vfrackis, Jan 20 2010]

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       I am afraid I like this.
leinypoo13, Jan 20 2010


       How big of a pansy would a Gallophobic have to be?   

       What would you call the fear of an idea turning into a list?
MikeD, Jan 20 2010

       I have Kainophobia. This idea scares me.
Jinbish, Jan 20 2010


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