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Pirate CD Ship

Avast number of discs used to make a ship
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An amnesty in a shopping mall for people to hand in pirate software/movies that don't work properly and watch a skilled craftsman create a ship from them.

This would raise awareness of copyright infringement and look pretty.

AOL CDs would not be used, although I think there should be a seperate junk mail junker made somewhere else to highlight that problem.

I just thought of another variation: Build a huge version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds using household rubbish (newspaper taxis, Cellophane flowers, tangerine trees).

marklar, Mar 09 2008


       That pirate DVD ship was really ace. We'd better buy more pirate DVDs so we can all hand them in after we've seen them, and watch the skilled craftsmen (and women) do it all again next time.
Ian Tindale, Mar 09 2008

       I wonder how many CD's it would take to build a floating Man-of-War?
RayfordSteele, Mar 11 2008


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