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Privacy-enhancing mobile Facebook app

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The mobile Facebook app, like many other apps is hugely intrusive of its user's privacy, tracking the user's location, snooping into your list of contacts, your text messages, the camera, etc., etc.

Therefore, this idea is for an phone app which creates a 'sandbox' for Facebook which only lets it have access to things within a strictly partitioned area. This could be done in two ways. It could create a virtual mobile phone with no contacts, location data, Wi-Fi, etc., and you could run the normal Facebook app on this virtual phone, or it could run the browser version of Facebook inside a hidden, stripped-down web browser with restricted network access, and then scrape the information off the browser and display it in a more mobile-friendly way.
hippo, May 01 2015

Facebook - I just don't understand it... http://9laughs.com/...nderstand-facebook/
[normzone, May 02 2015]


       As a person who maintains the bare skeleton of a F-book page, may I contribute this point of view...   

       Feeding the system disinformation is the best way to render the system less powerful.
normzone, May 02 2015

       I have the F book on my IPad I use for casual browsing but no where near my mobile phone or laptop.
AusCan531, May 02 2015


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