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Programming Language Rosetta Stone

Lest We Forget...
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Set in stone a number of simple, but culturally important, programs in as many programming languages as we can find, while there are still serious practicioners around to consult.
So, for example: ¨Hello World¨, number-base converters and null drivers in 6502, 6809, 68000, 32010,... Ada, ARM, Algol, AMPLE, BASIC, c, c++, COBOL, FORTH, FORTRAN, occam, LISP, LOGO, Pascal, Prolog, Z80 etc

Perhaps they should be placed alongside the Georgia Guidestones

Dub, Dec 11 2011

Wiki: Georgia Guidestones http://en.wikipedia...Georgia_Guidestones
[Dub, Dec 11 2011]


       It's important to hang on to the past; I always operate under the 'watch where that lands' principle of innovation.   

Alterother, Dec 11 2011

       I thought this was going to be a program that helped me learn programming languaes. Which would have been helpful when I was trying to learn FORTRAN. In fact cannot bun this knowing that FORTRAN would be immortalized in stone.
DIYMatt, Dec 11 2011

       //while there are still serious practicioners around to consult//   

       Conveniently, even the most arcane of languages still have a number of hobbyist practicioners. Check out projecteuler.net; and even that barely scratches the surface of "why would someone bother maintaining skills in that...?".
swimswim, Dec 11 2011

       This is brilliant, but you should also include archival-quality instructions for building the drives and other devices needed to access all digital storage media ever used.
LoriZ, Oct 19 2015

       [+] but only if it includes some of Ada Lovelace's code for the Babbage engine.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 19 2015

       Yup, and not just Hello World, but John Conway's Game of Life. a Turin machine, ...   

       Obfuscated versions could be engraved into the Alps/Rockies/Himalayas.
Dub, Oct 20 2015

       //a Turin machine//   

       That would be something that moves progressively along a wide cloth tape, gradually imprinting the image of a beardy bloke?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 20 2015


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