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Pseudorhyme Poetry

Class Pseudorhyme extends Poetry
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Pseudorhyme Poetry is constructed in order that the poem rhymes only based on spelling, but doesn't in fact rhyme when pronounced correctly.

Yesterday, I went through
All the hay in the trough
And climbed upon a bough
And helped to make dough

In Pseudorhyme poetry, that is a stanza where all the lines rhyme, but when spoken, it shouldn't sound fine.

Knut, Dec 29 2003

sloopy's link as a link http://www.online-l...p/poetry_form.shtml
seriously considering sending an invoice for service rendered on this occasion. [po, Oct 21 2004]


       Oh. What a shame.
Knut, Dec 29 2003

       I HATE pseudorhymes. When I see one, I purposely pronounce it wrong, in order to make it rhyme.
phundug, Dec 29 2003


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