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Pyramidal Rice Harness

Keeps stroke-prone dogs protected from the sun
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Built along the same principle as the traditional conical rice hats worn by the Asian peoples, this is a dog harness made of soft, breathable cloth which suspends a modified pyramidal rice hat about an inch above your dog's body. It is long to cover the entire body from neck to tail but narrow to avoid excessive overlap on the sides. One of the other ideas I thought of while walking my dogs today... the other one is the Google Shade Walk I posted earlier.

I found a dog vest while doing my prior-art search that uses similar principles, but implemented in a very different fashion. I'll provide a link to it. I believe my idea is sufficiently different to deserve its own posting.

21 Quest, Jul 02 2011

Swamp Cooler Vest http://www.onlynatu...-Cooler/221075.aspx
[21 Quest, Jul 02 2011]

Conical Rice Hat http://en.m.wikiped...i/Conical_Asian_hat
[21 Quest, Jul 03 2011]

Reflecting on your idea http://tracyglisson...08/07/dashsaver.jpg
(sorry, i deleted this link by mistake and i don't remember who posted it.) [21 Quest, Jul 06 2011]


       rice straw?

       rice itself not being that useful for structures, without a lot of glue or something
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2011

       I interpreted //rice hats// as "hats of the type worn while working in rice paddies".
spidermother, Jul 03 2011


       Particularly appropriate for Shih Tzu (small Chinese breed).
8th of 7, Jul 03 2011

       I have this sneaking suspicion they are actually made of bamboo.

       ...and if it's some hat on a farmer growing wheat we generally call it a hat, not a wheat hat. <gling gling gling Major Pedantry Alert>
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2011

       // gling gling gling Major Pedantry Alert //


       That's the Minor Pedantry Alert.

       The Major Pedantry Alert is a Klaxon that goes, "AhhWOOOOhhah, AhhWOOOOhhah ...", like the Dive alarm on submarines.


       PS there is an Intermediate Pedantry Alert too.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2011

       Ahem, according to Wikipedia it's spelled "awooga" or "ah-WOO-ga"

       (I get more pedantic things than you in my breakfast cereal.)
mouseposture, Jul 03 2011

       Oh yeah ? Who do you think you are, Zaphod Beeblebrox or something ?

       Anyway, the one on submarines is BLOODY DEAFENING, and what with all the people running about and yelling "Dive the boat !" and "Diving stations !" and stuff and then crashing into you and sending you flying into some nasty little godforsaken alcove full of brooms and mops and files and spare bits of submarine, you're doing well not to get killed, let alone be able to put down exactly what the horn thing sounds like, except never wanting to hear it again.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2011

       //the one on submarines is BLOODY DEAFENING, //

       I suspect that on a Royal Navy submarine it's just the butler ahemming and then people refrain from pouring tea until it's all over.

       On the other hand, it might be you and fourteen burly Glaswegian submariners all trying to move through the same confined space as 8th suggests....
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2011

       // a Royal Navy submarine //

       No, they still do the shouting and running about and barging into people thing. it's a tradition, or an old charter, or something.

       The number of hard and unpleasntly spiky bits in submarines that it is possible to be pushed on to or thrown against is quite amazing. Even the hatchways seem intentionally designed to inflict the maximum shin damage for the smallest positional error. What Dr Johnson said is most apposite:

       "No man will be a sailor who has contrivance enough to get himself into a jail; for being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned"

       Or additionally on a submarine, burnt, suffocated, irradiated, forced into some bizarre and degrading initiation ritual, subjected to sleep deprivation, ignored, shouted at, pushed into broom cupboards, drenched in sea water, made to climb narrow slippery ladders very fast, "accidentally" sprayed with foul-smelling liquids, and expected to acquire the equivalent of ten years of sea experience in the brief interval between stepping on board and being told "you're in there", which turns out to be a sort of glorified unfurnished coffin without the benefit of something soft to lie on and the prospect of not being rocked violently from side to side every few seconds.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2011

       You're never going to make it a Royal Navy recruiter, I feel I should tell you that..

       On the other hand, it could be some kind of cunning reverse psychology...
not_morrison_rm, Jul 05 2011


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