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Like laser tag, but based on FPS rules.
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I played laser tag a couple of times, and it was boring for me. Once i was shot, the vest would light up and I wouldn't be able to shoot my laser for a couple of seconds. How boring is that. Or paintball, sure it hurts, and one shot one kill, but you are working with an honor system of rules. Why not design a gaming system that combines the thrill and rules of an FPS but the reality of a real paintball game...

Envision this: You and your team put on suits laden with sensors, and not just a vest, but a full body zip up suit with sensors on your helmet, chest, arms and legs. You are given your weapon, a paintball gun that shoots modified paintballs. The RFID balls, when shot, can be detected by each suit, and your suit can tell when it has been hit be each particular shot. There are elements that exist in in computer FPS's such as health packs, or RFID'd objects strewn around the arena that, when picked up, give the bearer health. Other powerups are always possible, except of course for invisibility for obvious reasons. All player's health levels are tracked, and kills are tracked as well. That commentor voice will also come on for the "double-kill", "triple-kill" "rampage" "red flag returned", and other in-game announcements.

Health levels can be displayed on the gun, or in a simplified HUD that, if you're going budget, only displays alphanumerical information. Multiple cameras will be placed inside the arena for spectators to get a better view of the action, and cameras can be placed in the helmets of the players as well.

Because each shot can (theoretically, please let me know if there is NO possible solution) be tracked, flyby sounds, spread rounds (shotgun) and explosive rounds (grenade launchers, rockets) can be simulated.

Other FPS implementations can be added such as: Medic units, custom weapons done simple, no shields, invincibility power-ups, capture the flag, king of the hill, race, melee weapons.

Another implementation that is non-FPS but is more real life is that of simulated injuries. If your leg is shot and the game deems it currently unusable, you have to keep it limp, because if you use it, the game will slowly or quickly sap your health away, leaving you dead. You can limp back to a medic, or health station or health powerup to regain the use of that limb.

I would really like this game. I would pay a premium to play it, or I would make a lot of money from it.

twitch, Apr 26 2007

Paintball hit detection Paintball_20hit_20detection
[xaviergisz, Apr 26 2007]


       Not a single anno? Is there something fundamentally flawed with this idea?
twitch, Apr 26 2007

       sounds fun. how would powerups be placed, randomly strewed, or always in the same spot? would there be a "downtime" between when powerups appear?
lilsis, Apr 28 2007

       I'm afraid i haven't though about the details of power-up respawning, I think that this detail would be better worked out during a pilot program of this idea.   

       Although RFID would be great and allow for a lot of creativity in user experience, using water and water sensors seems like it might be a better idea. Although the powerups might be very hard then ,but medics would be easy: they have dry rags and cans of compressed air to "heal" other players.
twitch, Apr 28 2007


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