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RV Express

Transport RVs via train for efficient snowbird travel
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Trains are incredibly efficient, largely because they don't have to stop as much as cars and that they share their wind resistance among all of the cars. I propose flat towing motor homes via train to save fuel costs for snow birds. They won't have to drive or stop, and the train just might be cost effective when the extra fuel efficiency is considered.
kevinthenerd, Jan 04 2009


       Another car train idea. As I always say, "The lead [motor homes] will pull apart and/or crumple as they are not designed for pulling many [motor homes] behind them nor bringing trailing [motor homes] to a stop."
Texticle, Jan 04 2009

       I think he means puttlng the RV's "on" a train rather than making a train from motor homes.   

       However, if Texticle is right, it would be a plus.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2009

       'Put things on a train' is hardly a new idea, hence my assumption that it was a 'make a train' idea...which is not new either, but at least it is not widely done...because it won't work.
Texticle, Jan 04 2009

       Why won't it work ? All your passengers have their own enclosed compartments, food, water, etc... though he should have noted that trains are also efficient compared to cars/trucks because there's very little "unsprung weight" lossage on rails and power consumption is very constant over any given period of time.
FlyingToaster, Jan 04 2009

       The 'make a train out of motor homes' idea, by linking the offending vehicles together, will not work because the motor homes are not strong enough. Compare the construction of a railway carriage with a motor home.   

       The 'put motor homes _on_ a train' idea would work, I guess, but it is not original in my opinion.
Texticle, Jan 04 2009

       To "flat tow" the RVs implies that they are not strung together but rather atop rail cars built for the purpose. They'd be chained down and otherwise secured in much the same way that a tow truck driver would rig a car on a trailer for a 100+ mile journey. I hope that clears things up.
kevinthenerd, Jan 07 2009

       How about out the RV's on a train and then drive the train into the sea.   

       Then everyone is happy.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 05 2009


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