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Rapid Shift Membrane Excitator Foil

A tin foil like material that intermingles with a reality, to change it in the direction chosen by the (human) applicator.
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A handily sized reality change foil, laid out with mosaics of reality changing chain-of-event modifier's, is thought of, as a convienient remedy to impaired circumstances.

Say : Your personal island is disappearing from the surface of your planet, you apply the 'constant landmass level' square of a 'land modifier' roll/mosaic, and the sea-level re-aligns with former times.

Say : You are feeling moody, and magically, by application of a social mosaic, you feel selfashure.

LArger sheets remodels neighbourghoods, airports, resorts.

sirau, Oct 21 2012


       We've had this for years in England.   

       Is this a Zen idea, or irony, a simply a lack of interface with reality?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 21 2012

       so not a computer keyboard that zaps you when you hit CapsLock ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 21 2012

       Say "No! TWO drugs!"
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 21 2012

       Remember, if your parents ask you whether you have tried drugs, just say no.
pocmloc, Oct 21 2012

       say, "No, Twodrugs." also [marked-for-deletion] not an idea
Voice, Oct 22 2012

       just a thought :   

       - like 'free coordinate systems', a common toy, can be applied to any and all fantomable problem or 'spehere',.   

       please note the semi-physical implication : an area has to be marked out and covered. (- it's not just a dose of 'psyke'-modifier.   

       Also, - it's permanent, (after beeing applied).
sirau, Oct 22 2012

       actually this is one of those finite transforms of an idea I had that I think is more fun   

       weave together glide strips to make a reusable masturbation toy women could place on their fingers   

       I thought of this as I was trying to think of a plkeasure vibrator at a developing world value point. I think it could actually be just 2 or 3 c to produce
beanangel, Oct 23 2012


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