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Realistic Wigs

Wigs that show your state of hair and state of mind
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I really think wig-makers/shops should automatically provide their wig-wearers with at least three wigs, all in the same style, but at different stages of growth. Thus avoiding that obvious giveaway - hair that NEVER grows.

They may need to be labelled (inside!)...

1. Just Cut ('Oh, I like the way you've had your hair done!' 'Really? It isn't what I asked for'

2. Just getting to where you like it.

3. Overgrown Mess.

This would be order to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Perhaps they could come with a calendar chart marked off at suitable intervals as an indication of when to change wigs. Of course, to be ultra realistic, the wig-wearer would only wear wig number 2 for a couple of days in the cycle, while wearing wigs 1 and 3 for a month each either side of 2.

As additions to the range, there could be wigs such as 'so greasy I can't even answer the door today', 'I thought I'd try that new thickening shampoo but it worked a little too well' , 'ultra visible cow's lick day' etc

Kaggo, Aug 25 2001

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       Or you could just work with a bunch of men!
Kaggo, Aug 25 2001

       mood wigs yellow - I'm hung over green - I hate you red - look just don't talk to me white - I'm feeling old blue - boo hoo hoo pink - hello dahling black - see green x 10
po, Aug 28 2001

       What [Alf] said, Roald Dahl's book (sequel to 'Boy' iirc).
benjamin, Feb 11 2004

       3 stages - baked but not obscure: Terry Wogan has been doing this for years - even in his prime time talkshow days.   

       realistic? - never baked! Half? Not even quarter!
timbeau, Feb 11 2004


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