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Rechargeable wireless keyboard with attached wired mouse.

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A rechargeable (via USB) wireless keyboard with an attached wired mouse.

No batteries in the mouse to run flat. Plenty of space in the keyboard case for a big Li-ion battery. The mouse is small and lightweight.

Does not seem to exist.

8th of 7, Feb 23 2018

Something maybe better... https://en.wikipedi...otovoltaic_keyboard
Appears to have a built in backup battery [Vernon, Feb 24 2018]


       The most still has a wire though. That's annoying. Keyboards I don't mind if they have a wire, since they move around maybe 2 inches in a typical week. Also, I have a wireless mouse. It has 2 AA batteries (more correctly 1 battery consisting of 2 AA alkaline cells) that have so far lasted a year. It is noticeably heavier than a regular mouse. I don't mind this. Actually, some gaming mice come with lead weights to personalize the mouse. If light weight is needed, Shirley a small lipo, say an 18350
bs0u0155, Feb 23 2018

       Why not have a rechargeable wireless mouse with attached wired keyboard?
Ian Tindale, Feb 23 2018

       [+] because I wanted one of these a decade or so ago.   

       It's possible doable without being a commercial product. Starting with a rechargeable,wireless keyboard, a r,w mouse and a USB cable :   

       1) remove battery from mouse   

       2) plug usb cable from keyboard to mouse.   

       Or, you could use the same setup, but have a powered, induction mousepad, which would save having to recharge anything.
FlyingToaster, Feb 23 2018

       // powered, induction mousepad, //   

       Mouse graphics tablets using semi-passive wireless mice are Baked.
8th of 7, Feb 23 2018

       I had a Microsoft wireless mouse. It has slots or 2 AA batteries, but I found that it worked just fine with only one. That made it a much more comfortable weight. I have no idea if any other models will do that.
scad mientist, Feb 24 2018

       The Apple Magic Mouse will work on one of the two AA cells. The newer Apple Magic Even More Mouse has infernal batteries, so you can’t change them. Same as the newer Tragic Trackpad and the newer Keyboard (both of which I have, as well as the previous versions of them) (but I didn’t need an even more expensive mouse, just the one that I never use is fine, thanks).
Ian Tindale, Feb 24 2018

       They don't have this?   

       Maybe they think "If it's wired sometimes why not leave it wired all the time?" to which I would say "Can't you say that about anything that's rechargeable?"
doctorremulac3, Feb 24 2018


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