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Rerun 1989

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You may have your own favourites, but 1989 was OK as far as I was concerned. Perhaps wiser heads will pick a different year, but I'm just putting 1989 out there as a candidate.

Now, it's pretty clear that the world is in a less than great state at the moment. Global financial warming, climate crisis, war in Syria (if you're reading this today; substitute as appropriate if you're reading this next week), the rise in managerialism - all sorts seem to be going to pot. Plus the weather in the UK has been lousy this year.

So, I propose that we re-run 1989 while we get our breath back.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2012

The term can also be used pejoratively as in the definition of a management caste http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Managerialism
The term can be used disparagingly to describe organisations perceived to have a preponderance or excess of managerial techniques, solutions, rules and personnel, especially if these seem to run counter to the common sense of observers [normzone, Jun 19 2012]

Survivor Type http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Survivor_Type
lady fingers they taste like lady fingers [calum, Jun 22 2012]


       I distinctly remember being in a zoo that year. Let's do it.
daseva, Jun 19 2012

       "In" or "at"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2012

       Let's see...'89...I was 23 years younger, riding horses and motorcycles, measuring machined parts...I guess it would do, but unless I get the 23 year younger bones I'm not going to like it much.
normzone, Jun 19 2012

       Ugh, no thanks. Elementary school was traumatic enough the first time around. Granted, it'd probably be considerably easier now academically, but I don't think I'd fit in the desks.
ytk, Jun 19 2012

       I'll go for 1969.
xenzag, Jun 19 2012

       What would those of us who weren't alive do? Sit around all day?
DIYMatt, Jun 20 2012

       //You may have your own… get our breath back.//   

       Sp: “Get off my lawn, you damn kids!”   

       Was rock and roll better in your day, too?
ytk, Jun 20 2012

       Actually 1989 was great for me too [+]
hippo, Jun 20 2012

       Not a year i'd particularly want to repeat as it involved losing my virginity, having a horrible relationship and getting kidnapped plus nineteen-hour days. I generally cleave to the thought that all years after the Orwellian one are just fabrications and that this is an unusually long December.
nineteenthly, Jun 20 2012

       //What would those of us who weren't alive do?//   

       You get a year's holiday.   


MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 20 2012

       It was all the rage back then.
ytk, Jun 20 2012

       Yes, technically i was kidnapped. I used to say "abducted" but i used that word to people once and they started acting all peculiar towards me until it was borne in upon me that they thought i meant by aliens, so now i say kidnapped, which is what the bloke who did it was charged with. It's not as spectacular as it sounds, but it is as traumatic.
nineteenthly, Jun 20 2012

       That sounds pretty bad, [19thly]. [Max], you could add "...except for being kidnapped" to the idea.
hippo, Jun 20 2012

       That was a good sex year, but the music was shit.
tatterdemalion, Jun 20 2012

       Pi was smaller back then.
ytk, Jun 20 2012

       I think I was playing marbles and enjoying the original Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons. I also baked a cake that looked like a full English breakfast.   

theleopard, Jun 20 2012

       Zx spectrum's, The London Boys, Black Box, Girls and high school discos. Staying up all night playing Gauntlet 2 and Robocop, watching The Last Crusade at the Cinema. Fighting behind the school gym, getting smashed at rubgy and smashing others at Rugby. High old times indeed - gets my vote!
S-note, Jun 20 2012

       I got divorced in 1989, as I recall. Not a bad year at all.
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

       Don't worry [Simpleton]. Have some of my marbles.
theleopard, Jun 20 2012

       At least you've still got yours. I lost most of mine in the early 2000s, I think.
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

       No problem. They're only marbles...
theleopard, Jun 20 2012

       //going to pot//
2012 sees the best medical pot being grown since the great homegrown pot of the 1970's!!
xandram, Jun 20 2012

       And getting better every day. Thanks, Jorge.
Alterother, Jun 20 2012

       1989 was the year of the Twin Terrible Twos. If we repeat it, I'm just going to catch up on all the sleep I missed that year.
lurch, Jun 20 2012

       OK, so I'm not getting universal approval for 1989. I could go a few years later if it suits more people, but no later than 1993.   

       In theory we ought to consult the rest of the world, but I think it's fair to say that we are cross sectionable people here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 20 2012

       Hollow Cross Section, I would suggest.
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

       //cross sectionable//   

       Sorry, I'm not up on the latest Britishisms. I assume that's rhyming slang for “questionable”?
ytk, Jun 20 2012

       I thought it was an observation we'd be a representative sample. I doubt there are enough of us here for that.
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

       //representative sample// like the skeleton at the front of the basic anatomy class - it only takes one. And that one only has to be mistaken for a volunteer once.
lurch, Jun 21 2012

       If 1989 was better, then 989 must've been way better. Other than the Hagia Sophia getting damaged in that earthquake. To avoid that we could skip October and have two Augusts. Who's with me?
not_only_but_also, Jun 21 2012

       Terri, when I want your advice, I’ll give you the special signal. Which is me being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
calum, Jun 21 2012

       Wow - a few shocking anecdotes here - each of which makes me realise that while I've been through a few tricky situations myself, pretty much all of them were very much of my own making. Puts things into perspective, stuff like that.   

       As to 1989, I don't think I'd mind holidaying there, but how exactly does this work. Do I have to pretend to be my 15-year old self, and go to school all over again? And do my actions whilst on holiday permeate back to today, or have I got free-reign to do what I like?
zen_tom, Jun 21 2012

       //Do I have to pretend to be my 15-year old self...?//   

       Fraid so. At least as far as any financial transactions and employment go. Probably also for water consumption and carbon emissions...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 21 2012

       It'd be good to go back and live 'eighty-nine differently to see what would happen, but that would be rather dwelling on the past. 'Ninety-three is better, as the worst thing that happened that year was getting stranded in the desert with newly pregnant [grayure] and living off sachets of sugar for four days.
nineteenthly, Jun 21 2012

       And that count's as a good year in the [19thly] household? Boy, are you going to enjoy retirement.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 21 2012

       No i'm not, i'll have to eat my thumbs or something.
nineteenthly, Jun 21 2012

       Probably better than having to eat someone else's
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 21 2012

       I have a recipe for lady's fingers soup, somewhere in one of my unfinished writing projects.
UnaBubba, Jun 21 2012

       So the next Heisenberg Halfcon is in 1989 then?
tatterdemalion, Jun 22 2012

       Yes, it was will been.
UnaBubba, Jun 22 2012


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