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Robot Chair Kicker

For lazy employees, or vicious bosses!
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Imagine a lot full of cubicles and chairs, telephones and computer screens. Does the boss have time to come around enforce the rules like he should be doing? NO! He has appointments, presentations and performance reviews to complete!

What he needs is a robot that goes around to cubicles at random and does a check on certain parameters, such as keyboard noise, posture, telephone operation, etc. and if any worker is found lacking, it administers a swift kick to their chair. Other ways of tormenting the workforce could be used, such as maybe a squirt of water, or a blast of hot, sweat-inducing air.

Although not the torture drone from Star Wars™, it could be the starting point for such.

twitch, Mar 30 2010

Anti-Procrastination Chair Anti-Procrastination_20Chair
Shameless self promotion. [Jinbish, Mar 31 2010]


       Automated "management by wandering about" with a twist of torment? [+]
Aristotle, Mar 31 2010

       I was hoping for a robot that randomly kicked chairs out from under people who were sitting down. That would definitely get a bun from me.
wagster, Mar 31 2010

       I had thought of your idea, [Jibnish], and was about to go searching for it, but I thought it might have been UnaBubba's and and decided not to venture on a *possible* wild goose chase.
MikeD, Mar 31 2010


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