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SJ's hard candy

candybars for the soon to be tipsy
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basically alcohol in a candy bar form, 60 proof alcohol, in a hard gel form, encased by in a candy shell, and sealed in an airtight wrapper, various flavors available...pina colada, daiquiri, margaritas and martinis spring to mind.
senatorjam, Aug 18 2002

jello shots to go http://www.boston-b...lo/jello.html#shots
thanks reensure [senatorjam, Aug 18 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Tequila lollypops http://www.wonderfu.../tequilalollies.htm
Non-alcoholic but worth a look [Helium, Aug 18 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Alcohol-filled hard candies http://www.san-remo...es/CED7-CEDLIQ.html
If you consume an entire bag, you *may* get a buzz. But they taste wonderful. You siuck on them and they warm in your mouth. when the candy gets thin enough, the candy bursts and sprays your mouth with very warm alcohol. Fun. [Klaatu, Mar 19 2005]

(?) Going to Italy? http://www.modernpa....com/item40274.ctlg
"Liquor filled candies assorted variety including rum, Guragao, whiskey and vodka. Product of Italy" [Klaatu, Mar 19 2005]


       The students from Singapore studying here in Melbourne Australia seem very keen on these home-made alcoholic jellies (in cupcake forms).
pfperry, Aug 18 2002

       If one is going to get paved, why not with a beverage that's cool and refreshing, or even a jelly?
Just because you offer an alternative doesn't mean it will entice people to try it.
watermelancholy, Aug 18 2002

       WaterM, when you get older you will understasnd that there are times you need to get "paved" as you put it, with no cool beverage, or even a jelly in sight. Like at 3:00 in the afternoon at work, with your boss being a complete heel. Just reach in your desk drawer, and you are rolling.
senatorjam, Aug 19 2002

       That's curious [sj] I never have those times. I don't really think that age has a great deal to do with it (except for legally).
madradish, Aug 19 2002

       In legal studies we researched Liquor pops for a project, these were alcaholic icypoles, they must still be illigal though because I havent seen them in the shops dammit!
Gulherme, Aug 19 2002

       Getting paved at work? Please, the only people that should be paving at work are transportation employees. And I don't mean airline pilots.   

       How many ways can we stash alcohol? I was thinking about posting beer pills as a way to disguise the taste. An alcoholic candy could work as well, with the shell. Why the hail not?
polartomato, Aug 19 2002

       If you think you need alcohol to make it through your workday I strongly suggest you seek out your local chapter of AA. And soon.
Canuck, Aug 19 2002

       There are times when alcohol is a great way to start the day, maybe I should be down the local AA. Hello, my name is ?? and I am in love with a bottle. Gulherme, I guess these would have to be sold in bars, and have regular alcohol restrictions apply
senatorjam, Aug 19 2002

       <going along with UB> Awesome! Alchaholic iceblocks! That's totally tubular! </going along with UB>
watermelancholy, Aug 19 2002

       I've seen Kahlua candies before that actually did have alcohol in them (7% I think).. Problem was, they tasted like crap, and you'd have to eat an entire box of them to get a buzz, which would probably make you sicker than a dog.
Mr Burns, Aug 19 2002

       What about that Chocolate Liqueur shit (I think the name's actually French, so I probably butchered the spelling)? Those have alcohol, don't they?
AfroAssault, Aug 20 2002

       Oh, joy. Another alcohol invention. Take a wild guess how I'm going to vote on this one.
Susen, Aug 20 2002

       Now I understand the anti-alcohol sentiments running through the board, I'll refrain from posting my other alcohol based inventions
senatorjam, Aug 20 2002

       Margarita candy! I'm in heaven! Can you imagine the chaos this innocent looking, easily hidden product would create on college campuses?
tchaikovsky, Aug 27 2003

       Down in Jamaica...rum and coke heaven...baking...baking, who wants to test the first batch?
senatorjam, Mar 02 2004

       I cant believe the number of e-mails I get asking if I have baked this product yet
senatorjam, Mar 19 2005

       Well....have you?

By the way...do you actually *bake* candies?
AfroAssault, Mar 19 2005

       Move to Canada. I used to drink...errr...eat these all the time. <link>   

       Baked since 1970 in Canada.
Klaatu, Mar 19 2005


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