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Sea Container Jenga

For when the excitement of Jenga is no longer enough and you need something a bit harder
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I won't go in to depth about this - you all know where it's going. Fifty or so shipping containers, two telescopic fork trucks, et viola! - Jenga for giants. I would advise strong cages around the cabs or the endgame could get a bit messy.
wagster, Aug 01 2004

"Damn, that's game." http://www.elchiner...om/My%20Job%206.jpg
[tiromancer, Feb 03 2005]


       the dockers would love this, surely.
neilp, Jan 11 2005

       Or perhaps cargo helicopters as movers.
Knife Knut, Jan 19 2005

       I waited five months for an anno on this idea. Good to know people seem to like it.
wagster, Jan 19 2005

       Good. Sorry, wagster. I didn't see it before today, else I would have said something.   

       Now, I will say something.   

       "Great idea!"
DesertFox, Feb 02 2005

       are the croissants not enough for you [wagster] ? sometimes there's nothing more to say, just buns to distribute. I noted recently, with dismay, that standard sea containers are only allowed to be stacked 9 high which seems a bit disappointing.
neilp, Feb 02 2005


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