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Self levelling nails

nails that don't go crooked
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If three stabalizers (which are also pointed, and would add extra stability for the single nail) were attached to the nail head (like a tripod) to hold the nail straight, this would allow you to hammer the nail into the wood without hitting your thumb and also prevent it from going in crooked, and would also be three times stronger than an average nail.
gizmo, Jan 08 2002

Empirical Study http://www.vtwood.f.../research/pcl17.htm
Relationships Between the Results of Nail Impact Bend Tests and Selected Nail Material Properties [thumbwax, Jan 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       a) Can't afford one   

       b) Can't afford one.
gizmo, Jan 08 2002

       It almost sounds like a staple of sorts. To make it easy to drive, the stabilizers would have to be almost like needes, else it's like trying to hammer 4 nails at once.   

       THEN, if they're really thin, they're extra-prone to long-column buckling, which sometimes happens to the nail itself. And, those stabilizers are prone to damage in storage.   

       I'm not going to say it absolutely wouldn't work, but I wouldn't bet on it.   

       Maybe screws would alleviate some of your frustration. You could even drill pilot holes first.   

       (A trick for novice hammer-wielders is to hold the nail with some needle-nose pliers or even hold the nail in the tines of an old dinner-fork)
seal, Jan 08 2002

       This would not work for nailing into vertical or near-vertical surfaces.
beauxeault, Jan 08 2002

       Hold the nail with a clothes peg. (Or get a third party to hold it for you)
dare99, Jan 08 2002

       There's all kinds of hold-the-nail-while-hammering-it devices available. Dirt cheap, too. Go to a hardware store and ask.
quarterbaker, Jan 08 2002

       The cheapest is probably a piece of card, such as a match-book, or part of the sleeve that AOL CDs come in. Having said that, I rather like the idea of nails with training wheels.
angel, Jan 09 2002

       You hit the nail on the head with that link Peter.
I pity the hammer-challenged.
thumbwax, Jan 09 2002

       How about a nail-guide? - Imagine a pair of offset pliers with a round groove at the tip to fit a nail cross-wise. A sprung flat wedge on a pivot fits on top and you hit the wedge with the hammer. The wedge constrains the nail's movement to vertical as it drives it into the object material.   

       How about a nail-gun? As good as above, much more expensive, but has <grunt> appeal.
FloridaManatee, Jan 02 2003

       I always hit my nails when hammering. It's bloody painful.
PeterSilly, Jan 02 2003

       Unnababa is right, pre-drill first, the nail will have increased holding power as well! With small nails use a bradawl. or even a larger nail to make a small guide hole. use an appropriate size hammer. Always place the head of the hammer on the nail head first and rotate the hammer, dont lift it. You should be able to hit the nail with your eyes closed! But, think of pushing the nail in, not hitting it. Seal has a point, screws are actually easier, with power tools. I use a hammer first to start the screw then, screw in, use plenty of force to avoid slip, short bursts help.
uked, Jan 26 2003

       By now gizmo should be well grown up and running a huge multi-national corporation that manufactures silly devices and novelties.
snarfyguy, Jan 26 2003

       buy a nail gun
cabler, Apr 27 2003

       Unnababa and his 40 thieves, no doubt.   

       gizmo, if you come across some nails that have the head on the wrong end, just remember they're for the other side!
Canuck, Apr 27 2003

       Sure cure for pain when hitting a finger with a hammer.If you hit your right thumb with a hammer.Wait 15 seconds, then hit your left thumb, and the right thumb won't hurt so Bad.   

       It's a sure cure!!
Swaney Joe, Sep 01 2003

       Clear your mind. Become one with the nail. Strike cleanly like the Mantis. Stop swearing, pain is just a state of mind.
Jacob Marley, Oct 21 2005


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