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Slippers and Flip Flops together
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I love flip flops for walking on the beach and for the sound they make when you are sneaking up on someone. AND...

I adore my comfy, soft, fluffy slippers that I wear in the house.

I propose we combine the two, producing a "two-for".

Flip flops that are the infrastructure with an outer coating of softness that can be attached or detached, as needed,once inside.

[Here's your Shlops and your pipe my dear, now go and sit in your recliner]

blissmiss, Sep 01 2019


       I had a pair of rubber-soled slippers that were soft with velcro on the top to size to my feet. Bought them at Walmart.
RayfordSteele, Sep 01 2019

       Prize for the first person to be able to say "The Shlop Shop sells Shlops"
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 01 2019

       So Rayford, there's just one thing missing...THE FLIP FLOP. The part of Shlops that make the characteristic footfall of the Flip Flop.   

       What you have described is an adjustable slipper. Those are widely known to exist. A Shlop is a Shlop...you got no Shlop there.
blissmiss, Sep 01 2019

       A shloppingly good idea. {+}
xenzag, Sep 01 2019

       And just think, xenie, if you wore them folks would call you a "Shlopper" probably. Which would be very cool.
blissmiss, Sep 02 2019

       //Prize for the first person to be able to say "The Shlop Shop sells Shlops"//

It's a long way to the shlop shop - that's why they call it a shlop shop shlep
hippo, Sep 02 2019

       I don't want to go myself. Can you be my pershonal shlopper?   

       I thought this would be a line of fast-food stores characterized by a prominent trough.
jutta, Sep 02 2019

       That characteristic is a function of the toe hold allowing the rest of the sole to fall away from your foot, which would be a bit of a challenge with a comfy slipper, no?
RayfordSteele, Sep 02 2019

       I am thinking, jandal with a more encompassing, massaging, slipper-like spat. Face it, a jandal can be as comfortable as you want it to be. Not just rubber.   

       Would I Shlop around? I'd have to try a pair. Noisier night walks, though.
wjt, Sep 03 2019

       Lovely! [+]   

       Did you know, beach sandals were invented by a Frenchman?   

       Phillipe Philoppe.
Frankx, Sep 24 2019

       merci mille fois, [Frankx].
blissmiss, Sep 26 2019


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