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Shocker Trunk Service

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Moving in with someone new? Too much a coward to back out?

The Shocker Trunk Service is for when you need someone to get the wrong idea about you.

You make a call, pay a fee and the next day a trunk is discreetly delivered to you containing a multitude of the most intimidating and repulsive sex toys and devices available on earth.

vfrackis, Aug 10 2009


       Sex toys and handcuffs. So what if the "someone new" is into it?
ldischler, Aug 10 2009

       Explain again how this differs from our regular delivery service ?
8th of 7, Aug 10 2009

       Yes you could get a deposit back.   

       How it is different. Have to admit the prospect of shopping in a sex device or toy shop, well I am nervous about ever doing that. Even shopping for sex toys online troubles me. Just don't want to get immersed in the details of it. I suspect many many people are as little girl about the subject as I am. So you could shop for this based on the magnitude of impact that you want to have.   

       "I'll take a magnitude 5 shocker trunk for Thursday please"   

       The more severe an impact you want to have the more freaked out and disgusting the contents of the trunk will be.
vfrackis, Aug 10 2009

       Just unwrap a pig's head on the kitchen table, draw a dotted line down the centre of it, and invite your new room-mate to join you in a game of "peel the head".
xenzag, Aug 10 2009


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